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About Us

Welcome to Azadi Times, the foremost independent news source in the disputed state of Jammu & Kashmir. Committed to delivering accurate and unbiased reporting, our team of dedicated journalists focuses on narrating the stories that define the lives of the people in this region.

From the everyday struggles of ordinary Kashmiris to the enduring political turmoil that has shaped the area for decades, we are devoted to portraying the diverse narratives that often go unheard. At the core of our mission is the belief that the voices of Kashmiris deserve a platform, and we are here to amplify their stories.

Beyond reporting, we are staunch advocates for peace and understanding in Kashmir. Firmly convinced that dialogue and negotiation are the keys to resolving the conflict, we not only cover news but actively contribute to promoting a peaceful resolution.

Our Mission: We aspire to be the premier and most reliable source of news, curated by those unafraid to challenge norms. Tailored for individuals seeking a profound understanding of global stories.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Rebelliousness
  • Boldness
  • Competitive Spirit
  • Pioneering Spirit
  • People-Centric Approach

About AZADITIMES.COM: Azadi Times covers an extensive array of topics, spanning politics, the economy, entertainment, social issues, business, health, sports, and culture. Our team of journalists operates in key locations such as Srinagar, Jammu, Mirpur, Gilgit, Muzaffarabad, Ladakh, the UK, Delhi, Islamabad, and AJK, ensuring both local insights and a global perspective on the stories we cover. Join us on our mission to make a difference in how news is understood and shared.

Meet the team

Atif Maqbool


Atif Maqbool, the visionary behind Azadi Times, hails from the Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. An accomplished Youth Leader, Entrepreneur, Political Activist, and Digital Creator, Atif is on a mission to amplify the voices of the people in the disputed region.

Seda Sehar Akbar


Syeda Sehar Akbar, is more than a driving force behind Azadi Times. A passionate community advocate, she extends support where it's needed. Through her dedication, Fatima is instrumental in both reporting stories and actively making a positive impact on the community. Join us in celebrating her commitment to amplifying voices and creating change.

Muhammad Saleem


Muhammad Saleem, a master journalist and prolific writer for Azadi Times. Hailing from Muzaffarbad, Azad Kashmir. Dedicated to unraveling diverse stories in Kashmir, his mastery in journalism adds depth to our mission of providing accurate reporting. Explore the world through Saleem K's lens as we amplify the voices of Kashmir.

Choudhry Sameer


Choudhry Sameer, a talented writer at Azadi Times. With a flair for words, Qurban brings unique perspectives to our platform. Through insightful storytelling, he contributes to our mission of delivering accurate and unbiased reporting on the latest news and events in Kashmir. Join us in exploring the world through Qurban Ali's pen as we continue to amplify voices and share compelling narratives.

Anaya Rehman


Anaya Rehman, our marketing guru at Azadi Times. With strategic vision, he ensures our impactful stories reach a broad audience. Join us in navigating the media landscape with Anaya as we make a meaningful impact in journalism.

Hassan Rajput


Meet Hassan Rajput, the creative eye behind Azadi Times Photography. With a passion for visual storytelling, Hassan captures the essence of Kashmir's beauty and its people, turning moments into lasting memories. Join us in experiencing the world through the artistry of Hassan Rajput Photography.