Kashmiri Community forms new non political Organistaion


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ISLAMABAD: (Azadi Times) Kashmiri community living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad of Pakistan forms a new social platform “Jammu Kashmir United Forum” to solve the problems and welfare of Kashmiris living in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. We are invited to support each other in happiness and sadness.


After the decisions to be taken in the meeting of the core committee of the organization, a statement has been issued on social media asking people from Jammu and Kashmir’s state residing in Rawalpindi Islamabad to share their contact numbers to join the forum.

So that they can be added to this forum. The aims and objectives of the organization Jammu and Kashmir United Forum are stated below:

  1. This organization will consist of Kashmiris living in Rawalpindi/Islamabad all the citizens of the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be eligible to become members.
  2. This organization will be completely non-political, non-religious, non-religious, non-commercial, linguistic, regional, and tribal-free
  3. The organization will work with local institutions to ensure the safety of the lives and property of Kashmiris
  4. The legal structure of the organization will provide legal assistance to Kashmiris, which will consist of several eminent Kashmiri lawyers.
  5. A media cell of the organization will be established where the issues of Kashmiris will be highlighted in the media
  6. The organization’s business forum will provide support for the unity of the business community living in the twin cities and the protection of their interests. It will be the responsibility of the business community to carry all the friends of the organization.
  7. Wherever the problems of life and property, property or dignity of Kashmiris are reported, the organization will provide full support to the affected member and will provide necessary assistance to the affected party based on the facts.
  8. The organization will provide immediate relief in case of emergency, especially in case of health or physical accidents, it will look after matters from blood donations to financial support to the injured persons in the relevant place or hospital. This clause will be enforceable only by the overall opinion of the community.
  9. A fund for the organization will be established which will provide support for the welfare of the community and the above matters. The organization will be duly registered and all legal requirements will be fulfilled.
  10. A regular central secretariat of the organization will be established, whose management and administration will be the responsibility of the elected officials and officials of the organization.
  11. The responsible of central organization or the coordination committee will establish contact with all the regional organizations and they will be linked to the central organization.
  12. The complete neutral status of the organization will be maintained above all political, group, linguistic, and religious affiliations.
  13. In case of violation of the rules by any member of the organization, a notice will be given and if a satisfactory answer is not received, the member will be expelled from the organization.
  14. No member or officer shall use the name or status of the organization for political or business interests. Violating members will lose their membership in the organization.
  15. The organization will not be involved in any way against the state of Pakistan or the state institutions, however, the right of peaceful struggle for the legitimate rights of its citizens will be used in every forum.
  16. The organization categorically rejects all kinds of violent actions and thoughts and will remain unrelated to any such person or group and will discourage it and will not commit violence or vandalism in any case.
  17. The organization will fully cooperate with the institutions in the administration and enforcement of all laws and will work with them at every step
  18. The organization has no ulterior motives and no member or group shall be involved in any clandestine activities as an organization or as an individual.

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