Saturday, October 1, 2022

President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Kashmir Council elections

Tahir Ahmad Farooqi:- Azad Kashmir After the election of the Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker, the President of the State will now elect the members of the Assembly.

 Due to this position, he is also the Chancellor of the Universities. He is also responsible for the appointment of judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court. The Council sends a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, while on the arrival of international regional and national level delegations, he meets with them, discusses and discusses the situation. Self-proclaimed names are associated with the status of personalities, but the president is a dignified position in the state. In the past, instead of this requirement, there have been jokes about retiring service personnel by retiring them from their jobs, making their identity cards as candidates on the next day and including their names in the voters’ list. Instead of increasing the prestige, the name of the judiciary, including the institutions and universities, had to bear irreparable losses. Sultan Mehmood is holding the post of Prime Minister. 

When Ibrahim was elected as the Prime Minister, the biggest name and political figure of the time, Sardar Ibrahim Khan, was elected as the President of the state. To be with Prime Minister Sardar Abdul Qayyum Niazi Barrister Sultan Mahmood, who has the most active role in the politics of Azad Kashmir at the international and national level regarding the Kashmir cause, has been given the patronage as the constitutional head. Whether it is or not He is accompanied by ambassadors and personalities from all over the world. 

From London to New York UN General Assembly Security Council Meetings Event European Parliament Human Rights Institutions Barrister Sultan Mehmood From lobbying for the Kashmir cause to his record of historic protest events, his record is a shining chapter in the role of the National National Movement. Tolerance, honor and respect are the hallmarks of his temperament for all. In this regard, his election as the President of the state is a high decision of honor and respect for this position. 

What is the standard of the party in this regard? In this regard, the PPP leadership elected Nabila Ayub on the seat of women in the Assembly, nominated Mian Abdul Waheed as a candidate in the presidential election and nominated Khawaja Tariq Saeed for the Kashmir Council. To be pure This is the choice of Miraj. These three generations are worthy of respect in terms of ideological ability, political ability, speech and action. The positions they have been nominated for are also worthy of respect. A similar example has been set by holding on to the position of. If we give responsibilities on the basis of merit, then it does not matter whether it is related to community dialect in any way, in every aspect, in every aspect, but all our foreign opponents are jealous of it. In this regard, the leaders of all parties should, in accordance with the requirements of the security interests of the nation, take a pragmatic approach to these aspects so that their names continue to be cited as role models. 

Even after he passed away, he remembered good words and deeds Decisions based on the coming wealth and prejudices prove to be great oppression and injustice, the consequences of which have to be borne by the entire nation and society for an indefinite period of time.

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