Saturday, October 1, 2022

All about District and Tehsils in AJK Azad Kashmir – 2022

Today we will tell you how many districts and how many tehsils are there in the Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir. There are total 10 districts 32 Tehsils and 182 Union Councils.

District Kotli

Kotli is the biggest disttict in term of population there are six tehsils in Disttict Kotli Azad Kashmir.

1. Kotli  

2. Shansa  

3. Kohiratts 

4. Charhuai

5. Nakiyal-Fathpur 

6-Darlian Jatan 

District Haveli

There are three tehsils in District Havel (AJK) Azad Kashmir.

1. Havel

2. Khorsheedabad 

3. Mumtazabad 

District Muzaffarabad (Capital of AJK)

1. Muzaffarabad 

2. Pattika

3. Garidupta 

4. Tetwal 

District Hattian Bala 

1. Chakar 

2. Hattian Bala 

3. Leepa

District Neelam 

1. Athamqam 

2. Sharda 

District Bhimbar 

1. Barnala 

2. Bhambar 

3. Samahani 

District Sidhnuti 

1. Palandri 

2. Tara Khul

3. Baloch 

4. Mang 

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