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Congratulations to all the workers of Jammu and Kashmir Students Liberation Front on its “34th” founding day – Dr. Toqeer Gilnani – President Jammu and Kashmir Libration Front Pakistan Administrative Jammu and Kashmir

Congratulations to all the workers of the Jammu and Kashmir Students Liberation Front on its 34th founding day:

(by: Aatii Khan)

From its inception to date, JKSLF has always played a leading role in the struggle for independence of the divided and subjugated mother state of Jammu and Kashmir. To propagate the ideology of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and to organize the struggle for independence in the corners of the subjugated state, the workers of the Students Liberation Front have set proud examples of character and sacrifices. Despite the busy schedule, the continuous ban on student unions and the steady decline of the student movement, the Student Liberation Front has always been increasingly involved in the individual and collective struggle for the rights and interests of students. 

The exemplary training of the late Amanullah Khan, the great leader of the Liberation Front, instilled in the workers of the Student Liberation Front the spirit of continuous struggle and selfless sacrifice of all kinds. Built as The Quaid-e-Tehreek Aman Ullah Khan (late) has always been proud of the Students Liberation Front, has always called the Students Liberation Front his party, and the Students Liberation Front has always kept the lodge of its Quaid’s edict and provided enthusiasm and energy to the ranks of the Liberation Front. In these thirty-four years, the time has proved time and time again that in spite of the most unfavorable and unfavorable conditions, the SLF workers have kept the flag and ideology of the Liberation Front high and red, and all kinds of internal and external conspiracies, stupid groups of opportunists. He fought hard against toxins, all kinds of poisonous prejudices, misleading attitudes, ideological ignorance and bankruptcy, freedom of thought, and adventurous thinking and took revolutionary steps alongside his leadership in the romantic journey of freedom. Did not let the arc fade. 

The majority of the students who stepped into this caravan thirty-four years ago are still continuing this voluntary and honorable journey of restoring national dignity, but now they are at the forefront of this caravan and those who follow them. She is constantly teaching Pare that this journey of honor and freedom and sovereignty is not to continue at the mercy of time and circumstances, but to continue time and circumstances under one’s own passion and enthusiasm, and to achieve freedom and revolution. In this sacred and inevitable journey, the pace of footsteps and the echo of slogans should never be allowed to slow down. Today, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is the only center of hope for the oppressed people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (men and women) and the last front to save the unparalleled sacrifices of their four generations. The protection and continuous construction of this front is the first duty of every present and future worker of the Student Liberation Front. Only young people who are equipped with knowledge and practice and political, ideological, organizational, and movement consciousness and adorned with speech and character can perform this duty in the best possible way. Every member of the Students Liberation Front is a proud son not only of his organization but also of his family and region as well as his state and maintaining this pride has been the first test and task of the #leadership of the Students Liberation Front in every era. 

It is certain that the youth of the Student Liberation Front, without taking into account the oppression of the conditions and the hardships and bitterness of the revolutionary journey, will embarrass the great dreams which millions of waiting eyes are fast asleep in the embrace of this earth. Knowledge * Struggle * Freedom * Sovereignty * Prosperity Dr. Taqeer Gilani (Former Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Students Liberation Front) President Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Azad Kashmir Gilgit Baltistan Zone and Members JKLF AJKGB ZONE 

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