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Introduction to beautiful places to see in Leepa Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

Introduction to beautiful places to see in Leepa Valley:

# Leepa Valley Top لیپہ_ویلی_ٹاپ

Travel from Reshian to Leepa via Berthaward Street The first popular tourist and highest point is Leepa Valley Top (Berthawad Street). From the fibers when you leave for Lepa, your journey starts towards the heights and after one hour you reach the highest point Leepa top. 

The highest point is the ratio of its name to the laptop. After this point your journey starts towards a continuous descent which ends in the plains of Lepa. It is located about 10,000 feet above sea level. 

During the journey, vehicles usually stop at this place for ten to fifteen minutes to enjoy its beauty. From this place you can see different mountain ranges of Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir. Apart from this, there is a beautiful aerial view of Lepa Valley from here. It is very cold in this place and the winds are blowing all the time. 

From this place is the footpath of 12 Hazari which is the most famous tourist destination of Lepa. This is where the service of almost all telecommunication companies comes from. From here you can easily contact your relatives.

# Dao Khan داو_کھن⛰️🥀🌿

If you travel from Rishikesh to Lepa via Shedgli Moji Road, the first on-the-spot tourist destination that will await you is Daukhan. It is about half an hour away. Can also ah enjoying the weather. Here too you get to see very beautiful scenery. If you want to stay here, a magnificent rest house has been built here by the tourism department. If you ever feel compelled to stay up all night, the best advice for you is to stay awake, not stay up all night.

# Nokot نوکوٹ🌄🥀🌿

Nokot is one of the largest villages in the Lepa Valley. It is a village with a pure Kashmir culture. From here you get a chance to see Kashmiri culture and civilization up close. Also in Nokot you get to see very large wooden houses. You can also inspect rice and flour windmills in Nokot. The canal coming from Shams Bari hill which passes through the heart of the village has its own beauty. The famous walk will and the cricket ground is also in Range Kolha which is also a very lovely place.

# Nokot Gali نوکوٹ_گلی🏞️🥀🌿🌷

Beautiful view of layered rice fields in the middle of the valley surrounded by mountains due to the fame of Nokot Alley. From Nokot Street there are three to four beautiful views of these fields and mountains. The best view from here is of Shams Bari and 12 thousand hill peaks. It is the busiest place in the Lepa Valley. Tourists are very interested in this place.

# Chamola Gali چمولہ_گلی🏞️🌿

It is also a great view point, right in the middle of the fields that are visible from Nokot Street. A huge canal of Lepa Power House passes through this place. Enjoy here as well as easily wash your car or motorcycle in a great environment. At the same place, the tourism department has taken space for the construction of a rest house. Whose work has not yet begun.

# Quota🏞️🌲🌿

Kota Ghee Kot is a slightly elevated point from where you can get a beautiful aerial view of Kesarkot Mandal and Nokot. This location is slightly higher than Nokot Street and Chamola Street. This place has a great view of these two places together. This place is also very busy

# Chanian چننیاں🏞️☘️🌿

A five-minute drive from Nokot Street begins the beautiful village of Channiyan. This place is also considered as one of the famous tourist destinations. Here also you will find beautiful colors of Kashmir culture and civilization. The most interesting tourist attraction in Chennai is Nala Qazi Nag. There is no limit to the beauty of Nala Qazi Nag amidst the extreme proximity of the mountains. Nala Qazi Nag enters the territory of Azad Kashmir from occupied Kashmir. When the servant starts to go back from Channiyan Nala, then the heart of the servant goes to the servant and goes back. Then comes another point when you don’t want to take the name of stopping and you want to go further. You cannot proceed from this location due to LOC. There are various small ponds at Channiyan Nala where you can enjoy bathing with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, you can also see the rice and flour mills on the Nala.

# Mandakuli Belah منڈاکلی_بیلہ⁇

It is a perfect place to hang out between the natural environment and the towering trees between the towering mountains. Here you can also play cricket matches with friends. It is a great place for cricket and camping. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words. If you visit Lepa, don’t forget to visit this place.

# Kuli Mandal کلی_مندل

Kali Mandal is a place with excellent atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. This place is beyond Mandakli Belle. Don’t introduce more people than this place. Inshallah, the process of introducing tourists to this place is also being started. Then, God willing, it will be one of the best tourist destinations in Lepa.

# Kaiserkot, Tunnel Chowk کیسرکوٹ_ٹنل_چوک

This place is the entrance of Lepa. It has the best beautiful view. This place is between the fields and there are many springs. There is a small dam of Lepa Power House on this side and above it.

# Leepa Valley Cityلیپہ_گاوں_خاص

Most of the tourists stay towards Lepa Bazaar. Almost all the necessities of life are available to you from Lepa Bazaar. There is a beautiful view of the fields beyond the police station along the Lepa Bazaar which is also worth a look if you want to see this view. Nala Qazi Nag flows at the foot of Lepa village and offers a beautiful view. You can go to Nala side and enjoy this view. There is also a rice windmill on Nala and from here You can also inspect the Lepa Power House.

# Saidpura سیدپورہ⁇

Take a five minute drive from Syedpura Road where you will get a great view of the rice fields in a beautiful plain.


Charity Garden Bella Nala is a beautiful place on the banks of Qazi Nag which has a special attraction for every beautiful looking eye.

# Kapagali & Antalian کپہ_گلی_اور_انٹلیاں

There is an attraction at Nala Qazi Nag at Kapa Gali Antlian and there are also beautiful bridges built on Nala here and there is a mountain of the village and a rice field at the foot and the best of Nala Qazi Nag. View

# Hochri ہوچڑی

Hochri is a central point of Labgran, Moji, Binh Molla and Chak Maqam. This is a very beautiful place. At this place, the nalla joins the nalla coming from Qazi Nag and Moji and at this place, the view of the valley becomes (Y). Here you can hug and bathe with friends in the ditch. You can also visit Binh Mollah Power House, a five minute walk from here, which is in the final stages of completion.

# Lubgaran, Tareda Shareed لبگران __ (تریڈاہ_شریف)

Labgran is a beautiful village and a nearby village of LOC. From Labgran you can see occupied Kashmir and in Labgran the court of Khizrat Matha Baba Sarkar is known as Trida Sharif. Devotees from Pakistan are always very busy here. This Darbar has the status of the last boundary of Azad Kashmir and LOC of Occupied Kashmir. From here you can enjoy the best views which are especially of Occupied Kashmir.

# غائی_پورہ⁇

If you travel ten minutes up from Kapa Gali Bazaar or go from Talawari Bazaar to Ghaipura, you will get a great view there. There are beautiful villages.

# دھوکیں⛰️🏠

There are a lot of beautiful lakes on the road between Rishi and Lepa. During the journey you can enjoy their beautiful scenery.

# 12_حزاری⛰️🎄🥀🌿🌷

The highest and most beautiful tourist destination of Lepa Valley is 12 Hazari. It is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level, hence its name Twelve Thousand. From this place you can see different mountain ranges of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir. This is the last peak of Azad Kashmir which is under the control of Pak Army. From here the peaks of Occupied Kashmir start. Its beauty is unparalleled. If you want to go to this tourist spot on foot, you can go on foot from Lepatop and you can also go to this place by car, for which you have to go from Lepa. You can’t go to this tourist spot right now. It is possible that this tourist destination will be opened to the general public next year.

(In addition, there are many great tourist destinations in Lepa Valley that will be introduced to you gradually, which have not been introduced yet. Thank you.)

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