Thursday, September 29, 2022

Latest Political News about Poonch, AJK, Pakistan-administered Kashmir

Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir election magic talking loudly Big political figures have changed their political “Qibla”

Poonch constituency five is currently the center of all political attention as the entry of Tanveer Ilyas, a well-known investor in the politics of the region, changed the political landscape.

 Although he is not a candidate from here, the success of PTI from this constituency is Tanveer Ilyas. And will determine the future political journey of Azad Kashmir

A major change has taken place in this constituency today. Senior politician, former government minister and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Siab Khalid has joined PTI.

In the politics of Azad Kashmir, loyalty and standing with the party politically is rarely seen. Every time people come here and there, Siab Khalid has been one of the top leadership of the Muslim Conference and was considered to be the right hand man of Sardar Qayyum.

That is why, despite losing three elections in 1985, 1990 and 1991, he was not only elected to the technocrat seat, but also remained a powerful minister. In 2001, he won the election for the first time from this constituency. He remained in office but in 2016 when the Muslim Conference gave the ticket to the late Saghir Chughtai instead of him, the friendship of half a century was shaken and Siab Khalid left the Muslim Conference and joined the PML-N.

 He did not get much importance and due to not getting N-League ticket in the current elections, he revolted and joined PTI today.

Despite being in the government for six years, Siab Khalid could not do anything for his constituency. On the one hand, he did nothing for the Union Council. 

There is no other deed except voting in the name of nepotism and schemes. He was a controversial figure in his constituency, especially in his Union Council Pachhiyot. 

Despite being a seasoned politician, he was always controversial among the people due to his territorialism and nepotism. It is too early to say whether they will be able to play a role in the next government at this age

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