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News, photos, videos and latest updates about Pir Chanasi famous visiting point in Muzaffarabad

(Pir Chanasi – Tourist denstination in Muzaffarabad)

Blog- Hello friends, I hope you are all well. Friends, by the way, the whole of Jammu Kashmir is a paradise. There is less to be written about the beauty of Pakistan, but if we talk about Azad Kashmir of Pakistan, there is a lot to be written and seen. 

The love and sincerity you get from the people there is unparalleled. And if we talk about Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, let me tell you that there are very hospitable, loving and sincere people. The beauty of Muzaffarabad is its own example.

The weather there is very sweet and pleasant. In Muzaffarabad, the Jhelum River and the Neelum River meet and merge. The most beautiful view is the huge bridge there and under the same bridge the two rivers merge and now let me tell you that there are shrines of two great personalities. And I will tell you about one of them. 

Pir Chanasi

Pir Chanasi is a very lovely place and it is located at an altitude of 10,000 feet above the city of Muzaffarabad. Very cheerful and sincere and when you go out to Pir Chanasi above Muzaffarabad, after a few kilometers you will feel as if you have entered heaven because as you go up the weather changes.

The weather starts getting colder and colder. After a distance of 15 km, you will be amazed at the view you will see because from there the whole of Muzaffarabad is in front of your eyes. View of Jhelum river on one side and beautiful view of Neelum river on the other side. 

The whole city of Muzaffarabad looks very beautiful with its beauty and most of all the stadium and airport there. The huge trees along the way add to the beauty of the place. When you reach the top of 25 km, you will find a special place for paragliding where you can enjoy yourself by blowing yourself in the air if you want. 

There are also great restaurants along the way where you can dine in peace and stay the night. When you reach Pir Chanasi, you find yourself wrapped in clouds. Clouds are cold everywhere. It is a very enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Pir Chanasi is right on the top of the mountains and people come from far and wide to ask for their prayers.

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