Monday, September 26, 2022

Tourists give advice to Azad Kashmir government


The Neelum Valley of Pakistan-administered Kashmir is called a tourist paradise and thousands of tourists from Pakistan come here every year for tourism. 

The lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls, lakes and the sapphire river enchant the tourists.

Roprts Azadi Times: Tourists who come for sightseeing consider Neelam Valley to be the most beautiful area of Pakistan. “I don’t think there is any place more beautiful than Rati Gali Lake,” says Nina, who comes to Rati Gali. Neelam Valley is a very peaceful place. 

People say that things are going wrong in Kashmir but there are no better people than this peaceful place and all the people here who are there to help. ” There are too many. “We went to Karen, Rati Gali, Kail and Udan Kail. There is a lot of natural beauty here, but there is a need to work in some areas, such as it is difficult for tourists to drive on the road and sometimes accidents happen, so the roads need to be improved. ” Most of the time you forget, but there should be basic facilities. 

Neelum Valley is famous all over the world for its tourism but only local tourists come here. International tourism can also be promoted by improving hotels and roads. Zeeshan added, “I have also visited Naran and Kalam, but the most beautiful river is here. I have never seen such beauty as Rati Gali Lake and Neelum River. 

Although the facilities there are better than here, the beauty is more here. ‘At the same time, he praised the locals and said,’ The best thing here is that the people here are very nice. Are welcome People here trust each other, thefts do not happen at all and the beauty is very much. 

He said that Sharda is a very beautiful place but if the road here is improved then tourism can flourish. Those who are elected from here should improve the condition of the road, because only by improving tourism can we show a better picture of Kashmir

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