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BLA: Who is Baloch Libration Army? | latest news, photos, videos about Balochistan Libration Army

Azadi Times Feature Report Yaran Diyar On July 17, Who is the Baloch Nationalist Army? Two Baloch independence armed parties, the Baloch Republican Army and the United Baloch Army, announced the merger of the two armed parties and the formation of a new resistance armed party, the Baloch Nationalist Army:

“A joint meeting of the command councils of the BRA and the UBA was held in occupied Balochistan, where the two parties were dissolved, one party. It has been decided to continue the war of resistance in the name of NA.” This announcement further said that “Mureed Baloch will be the spokesperson of the Baloch Nationalist Army in the media and the name of the organization’s media channel will be Bask.” The aspect is that the new party formed after the merger of the two parties, BNA, will be a part of Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar or Brass, the wider umbrella organization of Baloch armed parties. Army, Balochistan Liberation Front including Baloch Republican Arm An alliance of IS and Baloch Republican Guards is known for its large-scale attacks on key installations, including the Pakistani military. Recently, the Sindhi resistance organization Sindhu Desh Revolutionary Army also joined this alliance. 

Baloch Republican Army (BRA) 

Baloch Republivan Army (BRA) was formed in 2006 after the martyrdom of well-known Baloch nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in a military operation. In its early years, the BRA consisted mostly of resistance fighters from the Bugti tribe, but it soon gained acceptance in the urban areas of Balochistan, and especially among the educated class, after which resistance from all over Balochistan was drawn into it for the struggle against the “Pakistani occupation”. 

The BRA has never formally announced its leader, but the Pakistan government has repeatedly alleged that the BRA chief is the grandson of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Baloch Republican Party president Brahmadagh Bugti. . Brahmdagh Bugti is currently living in self-imposed exile in Switzerland and denies the allegations by the Pakistan government. In October 2018, the Baloch Republican Army split into two factions, when Sarbaz Baloch, a BRA spokesperson, By issuing a statement in the media, he said that “the membership of the regional commander of the organization, Gulzar Imam alias Shambe, is terminated. 

According to analysts who monitor the Baloch resistance politics, after these internal differences, the majority of the resistance of the organization decided to remove Gulzar Imam.” Gulzar Imam belongs to Panjgur district of Balochistan, he is an educated youth and has also been the zonal president of Baloch Students Organization Azad. After student politics, he joined BRA and soon became one of the main commanders of the organization. 

According to reports, Gulzar Imam’s BRA has influence in Balochistan’s urban areas and Makran region, while the alleged leader of the other faction, Brahmadagh Bugti’s BRA, has influence in Dera Bugti and Kachchi areas. After the partition, Gulzar Imam criticized the leaders in the Baloch movement and said that “the leadership of the Baloch movement, which consists of the families of the leaders, will have to give up their tribal attitude towards the workers and solve the problems within the organization.” It will have to be removed not by tribal but by political method.” Similarly, Bibagar Baloch, the spokesperson of the newly formed faction of BRA, issued a statement in November 2018 saying, “All the senior commanders of the organization jointly reject the statement issued by Sarbaz Baloch.” Gulzar Imam had also alleged that “not only Pakistan but also the freedom-loving tribal chiefs equally want to break us.” The year after this split of the BRA, the BRA led by Gulzar Imam became part of a larger alliance like the Baloch Raji Ajoi Singer (BRAS) became a separate organization when the then alleged BLA chief Hirbyar Murri accused his younger brother Mehran Murri of acting as acting chief in his absence. is the head of the UBA) has been convicted of atrocity. 

These allegations of corruption could never be proved. However, the alleged head of UBA, Mehran Murri, has denied these allegations, saying that the reason for the differences was Hirabyar Murri’s dictatorial attitude and neglect of the senior commanders of the organization. There is also a general perception that Mehran Murri had the support of his father, the well-known independence leader late Sardar Khairbakhsh Murri. 

But further, in the month of October last year, the UBA further split into two factions when the UBA Differences arose between the spokesman Sarfraz Bangalzai alias Mureed Baloch and the central commanders including the head of the organization. 

On October 2021, Mazar Baloch, the second spokesman of UBA, issued a statement saying that Sarfraz Bengalzai is dismissed due to violation of organizational rules and Mazar Baloch will be the sole spokesperson of UBA. Another spokesman Mureed Baloch announced in the media that he was being punished because he was pressuring the UBA to join the alliance of Baloch Raji Ajoy Singer in the wider national interest, but Mehran Murri believed in the alliance. “Going forward, Mureed Baloch’s UBA and Gulzar Imam Baloch’s BRA merged to form the Baloch Nationalist Army and became part of the Bras alliance. Baloch Raji Ajoi Singer (Bras) joined the Baloch Liberation Army in 2017. 

Once again internal management differences had to be overcome, as a result of which the leadership of the organization passed for the first time out of the Sardar family and into the hands of an ordinary Baloch resister, Aslam Baloch alias General. Without naming the former chief, Baloch Liberation Army spokesperson Jayand Baloch issued a statement in August 2018 saying that “After today, the BLA has nothing to do with a certain egotistical person and his small group and after today The organization will have no representative in London, Europe or America.”

Aslam Baloch was the most prominent commander of the BLA and later remained the supreme leader of the BLA until he was killed by five in a suicide attack in December 2018. Aslam Baloch was also the creator and head of Majeed Brigade, the deadliest group of the Baloch resistance movement. 

The Majeed Brigade is notorious for its suicide attacks, which the organization calls fidayeen attacks. Rehan Baloch, the son of Aslam Baloch, was a loyalist of Majeed Brigade who attacked a convoy of Chinese engineers at Dalbandin in Balochistan on August 11, 2018. Also referred to as the creator of the singer, it was established on 10 November 2018 by the Balochistan Liberation Army and the Balochistan Liberation Front, two major armed parties of Balochistan, later comprising the Baloch Republican Army, the Baloch Republican Guard and the Sindhi Resistance Organization. Sindh joined the Liberation Army.

BRASs is notorious for carrying out large-scale deadly attacks on the Pakistan Army and other Pakistani paramilitary forces. After this alliance, the intensity and scale of the attacks on the Pakistan Army is being seen. 

In most areas of Balochistan, the Baloch people are still living under the tribal rule, which is the reason why most of the chief families are Baloch. They appear in the form of the face of politics. The effects of this tribal captivity are also visible in the face of Baloch resistance. If we look at all these differences of the Baloch resistance movement, then one common thing is seen in all of them that the chiefs want to maintain their influence on these resistance parties, while the educated ordinary workers are seeking to get out of these tribal influences and move towards unity. are Analysts are seeing this as the Baloch resistance movement evolving and entering a new era

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