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Azad Kashmir LG Elections: Will the Prime Minister fulfill his promise?


Azadi Times Analysis: JULY 14, 2022 The Supreme Court rejected the request of the Azad Kashmir government to extend the local government elections. 

On Saturday, when the court asked the local government secretary for the update of the local government elections, the government secretary told the court that our important people are busy with the census in Pakistan, to give time until January 2023, but the court refused to give such a long time to the government. 

He refused and ordered to give the date of local body elections within a month. On the other hand, the Election Commission requested the government of Azad Kashmir to provide funds for the local body elections, which was addressed again after receiving no response from the government. 

Decided to write Secretary Local Government told the court that the Election Commission had initially provided a grant of 30 crores while the Election Commission had proposed 90 crores. Ongoing Now the government of Azad Kashmir will be stuck in trouble if the order of the court is not implemented then anything can happen in contempt of court. 

Not ready for local body elections Before the local body elections, the dissatisfaction of Tehreek-e-Insaf workers has to be resolved. They do not get anything in the elections, till then local elections are not seen. 

In the past, the government ministers of the ruling party were behind the non-holding of local elections. The reason for this is development funds. Then the development funds will be distributed at the level of the wards. MLAs will be powerless if the councilor gets development and the chairman of the district council and the chairman of the union council will be heavier than the members of the assembly. 

The chairman of the district council will be more powerful than the government ministers. In the district where there are four to five members of the assembly, the chairman of the district council will have more powers than the members of the assembly. 

On this basis, the government members of the assembly and the ministers of the government have been obstructing the local elections. When the elections were decided, the majority of the cabinet submitted their resignations to the Prime Minister, on which the Prime Minister received a respite from the court in the matter of local government elections, and as the time for the general elections approached, the local government elections were postponed. 

Tanveer Ilyas in his address in the budget session promised local body elections for the convenience of the people. Now it is to be seen how sincere the Prime Minister’s cabinet is in this regard, whether local body elections are held or not.

Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, on the occasion of the inauguration of the newly constructed building of the Central House of Journalism, promised to provide the latest facilities to the media of Azad Kashmir. All this Privileges have also been added. Newspaper owners have also been asked to take care of their workers.

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