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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Burial after accidental death of student studying at Poonch Medical College

Rawalkot (Azadi Times ) Sarmad Sameed, a final year student of Poonch Medical College, died due to gas leakage of an instant gas geyser in a private hostel. Azadi Times reported…,

He was a resident of village Chidakpura of Muzaffarabad and his father Raja Ashiq. He was a retired professor while an uncle was a doctor.

Sarmad Samid Bujoh was one year late so this year he had to give his final year exam in next month and January and today he was busy in preparation. He was on Hajira Road some distance from D Chowk.

He was staying in a private hostel located at . He turned on the geyser before performing the Friday prayer and was busy preparing for Friday when he died due to gas leakage, but nobody knew because he was alone in the room.

At the same time, his family kept contacting him on the phone, but the phone could not be answered. Later, they contacted Sarmad Samid’s classmates who reached the hostel at 11 pm and broke the door of the room, and found him dead. who was taken to the hospital where the doctors also confirmed the death.

The incident was also reported to the police and the college administration. refused to conduct the post-mortem, after which the deceased was sent to Muzaffarabad on Saturday morning, where the first funeral prayer was offered at 11 o’clock at Gujra Bypass, while the second funeral was offered at the native village, Chakpura.

The staff and students of Poonch Medical College also attended the funeral. It should be noted that such incidents happen every year in winter but no strategy is adopted to deal with them.

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