Monday, September 26, 2022

Former senior minister Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman’s bold declaration against the conspiracy to postpone the local elections.


Muzaffarbad (Azadi Times – Muzaffarbad Latest News) Former senior minister Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman’s bold statement against the conspiracy to postpone the local body elections. 

Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman Khan, talking to the media, said that the government wants to escape from the local body elections, so it is making various excuses for the government’s defeat. It is clear that it wants to postpone the elections while the so-called opposition in the assembly is also a part of this conspiracy. 

Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman Khan said that I congratulate the judiciary for the efforts made to hold the local body elections and I want the order of the judiciary to be fully implemented. Sardar Qamar-ul-Zaman Khan had said clearly and categorically that he will lead the movement for local body elections in all of Azad Kashmir, I will be in full contact with the people.

I will visit every district of Azad Kashmir, I will organize the people across the state on this issue. And the planted people who have tried to sabotage this election will be forced to hold local elections. 

The youth should not be disappointed, there are people who are fighting for the basic rights of the people, all the youth of Azad Kashmir and all those political workers who are willing to participate in the local elections, we will fulfill their desire with our struggle.

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