Thursday, October 6, 2022

Happy Fifteenth Amendment

(Tahir Ahmed Farooqui)

OPINION – Tahir Ahmed Farooqui (Azadi Times) – The fifteenth amendment bill has finally been presented in the legislative assembly. All the parties of the house have supported the proposed bill with complete consensus and submitted it to the Legislative Assembly. It will present its report in the house tomorrow and approve it with complete consensus. By making a wonderful law-maker from generation to generation, the protection of those who enjoy its fruits will be done. 

Under this fifteenth amendment, the authority of the Azad Kashmir Election Commission to conduct local elections will end. Under the 13th amendment, according to which he had made all the preparations for the local elections to implement the decision of the Supreme Court and released the schedule, now this work is going to be completed, under the 15th amendment, his authority to hold the local elections has ended. 

The Local Government Election Commission is being restored. There will be a chairman and a member of the Election Commission of this Local Government Election Commission. Their appointment will be with the consensus of the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. Crore Abadiah In Pakistan, there is an election commission which conducts elections for national and provincial assemblies as well as municipal assemblies, but the situation here is different. Earlier, the local election commission was terminated for not holding local elections. Yes, but the policy statement of the languages that have agreed to complete this work is the same. They will hold municipal elections. 

These are the great words that have been spoken for the past 31 years. The voices of wow should be loud today’s PML-G has been in the government continuously for ten years in the Muslim Conference, then the People’s Party of PML-G has been in government for five years. The world-wide assembly of only Israeli Jews, the puppet assembly of Occupied Kashmir under the shadow of India, brought here the example of making their own pension law, and did not make a single mistake in making all the laws, just because of the flaws in the local elections laws. Relevant legislation k I didn’t think about it. All these ideas have come now when the local government elections schedule has been released by the grace of the Supreme Court. In the last ninety days, the fate of the 13th amendment was broadcast and the cannons of the 15th amendment were being fired. 

And in spite of everything, the Election Commission issued the schedule showing persistence on the decision of the Supreme Court, so finally everyone has brought the lion Milkar of the 15th Amendment. This is the real lion who only wants his sovereignty. If the uneducated people want to know its truth, then they should take the path of the forest or remain wild creatures themselves. Rights cannot be given privileges at all. They are born only to walk around, dance, sing, chant, and bow their necks while chanting yes, yes, yes, yes. 

Be happy for freedom, stay settled, live Tehreek-e-Insaf, this has been proven, this is Imran Khan’s statement It is not justice that is running the movement of governance in Pakistan through elections and people’s vote, but it is the advanced form of Tareen and Aleem Khan, which is going to be registered in Pakistan under a new name, whose decisions are made in the darkness of midnight. Also and continues here

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