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Protests erupted in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Bradford, UK, in support of the Rawalakot prisoners


(Protestors at front of Pakistani Consulate UK)

(Bradford March 17, 2022) Protests erupted in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Bradford, UK, in support of the Rawalakot prisoners and for their release

A massive protest was organized in front of the Pakistani Consulate in Bradford, UK today against the arrest of National Awami Party Central President Liaquat Hayat Khan, NSF President Samad Shakeel and their associates. The demonstration was organized by the National Awami Party and was attended by party workers and leaders of other liberal parties. 

Protesters chanted slogans in support of the release of prisoners and their demands. In addition, slogans were chanted against the division of the state and in favor of independence. They also pledged to continue their struggle for an independent and sovereign state separate from India and Pakistan

The protesters said that all the demands of the two central presidents Liaquat Hayat Khan, Samad Shakeel and the workers including Shahid Sharf, Nasir Javed, Haseeb Khan, Hamza Khan, Mehmood Khan and Zahoor Ahmed who were arrested inside Rolakot were correct and legitimate. Recognizing that prisoners should be released immediately. 

The administration will also strongly condemn the misconduct and immorality of Inspector Rolakot and demanded that action be taken against him by suspending him. The protesters are deeply saddened and angry and said that if our leaders were not released and their demands were not met, we would hold a sit-in in front of the Pakistan High Commission and set up a hunger strike camp. 

Therefore, we want to warn the state institutions that we will not accept such oppression in any way and can go to any lengths to get our demands and the release of our friends. At the end of the demonstration, a memorandum was presented to the Pakistani Consulate which contained basic demands. 

The protesters were led by Farzand-e-Maqbool Butt and Central Leader of National Awami Party Mr. Shaukat Maqbool Butt. Were In addition, a large number of KNP and NS were present in the protest. While chanting slogans, they strongly condemned the action of the police and the administration and demanded immediate release of the arrested persons. 

Talat Butt of Jammu and Kashmir TV was also present for the live coverage. Apart from Sardar Zia Ahmed, Gulfraz Khan, Owais Rasheed, Majid Nawaz, Fahim Ashraf, Tauseef Niaz, Saleem Yas, Rizwan Siddique, Akhriz Khan, Zaheer Ahmed, Usman Khan were present in large numbers in the protest.

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