Monday, September 26, 2022

The wedding house turned into a mourning due to car accident


Haveli Kahuta: The house of happiness became a house of mourning in an instant. The car of Barat coming from Tarbela Ghazi to Khawaja Bandi Bhedi Haveli fell into a deep gorge:

Five persons including a groom, his father, grandfather, uncle and aunt died on the spot. The other groom and five others were injured. The whole area was in mourning. Among the dead were Khawaja Munir son of Abdul Rehman resident Ghazi Tarbela. Dulhambashir Munir son of Khawaja Munir resident of Ghazi Tarbela. 

Abdul Rahman son of Khalidjo resident of Ghazi Tarbela. Khawaja Javed son of Haji Muhammad Yousuf resident of Muzaffarabad. Naveed son of Khawaja Amin resident of Tarbela. Waqas Ahmed son of Khawaja Mushtaq resident of Hatian Bala. Khawaja Suleiman son of Khawaja Amir resident of Tarbela. Khawaja Usman son of Khawaja Ghaffar resident of Hatian Bala. The marriage of the two daughters of Dr. Khawaja Munir son of Abdul Rehman Sakina Ghazi Tarbela was to take place with the two sons came to the house. Grandfather Uncle and uncle were traveling in a car with others to the nearby cemetery for Fateh Khawani when the car fell into a deep gorge near Khawaja Bandi Bazaar in which 5 people died on the spot. 

All the political leaders of Haveli including Member Assembly Raja Faisal Mumtaz Rathore, Former Minister Chaudhry Muhammad Aziz, Former Member Assembly Pir Syed Ali Raza Bukhari. 

Chaudhry Amir Nazir, Member Kashmir Council Tariq Saeed Advocate, Zahid Iqbal Hashmi, Member Kashmir Council Shuja Rathore, Adil Hussain Kayani and people of all schools of thought expressed their sorrow over this tragic tragedy.

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