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Trip to Neelum Valley: Latest news, photos, hotels villages, about Neelam Valley, road condition 2021,


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Many people want to go to Neelam Valley but they do not know about the routes of Neelam Valley. They face many problems while going for Neelam Valley entertainment. There are no modern facilities, modern technology, modern transport. Has a lot of problems:

This article will give you all the tips about Neelam Valley Trip. About Neelam Valley Hotel. About Neelam Valley Village. Which places are good to visit? Which way you have to come? All the information about Neelam Valley Tour will be provided to you in this article.

Alternative route to Neelum Valley:

By the way, there is only one way to go to Neelam Valley which is called Neelam Valley Road and it starts from Muzaffarabad and goes to Taubat but today I will take you on an alternative route.

From Muzaffarabad, when you start your journey towards Neelam, a paved road urns left at the site of Deolian, which is also marked with the sign of Machyara National Park. This road is actually a defensive road and is used as an alternative route during firing. It is said that earlier the condition of this road was very bad and it was not possible to travel but now this road has been completed and it is a carpeted road. Can see pictures As soon as you start your journey on this road, you soon start to feel like you have entered another paradise.

There are beautiful valleys in Neelum Valley, dense forests, cool springs, waterfalls, high peaks and a lake called Sar on this road.

When you reach the top, there is Chinch hill in front and there is a dense forest where all kinds of wildlife, wild boar, rooster, golden bear and all such wildlife are present. After reaching the top, there is an alley before descending from the other side, from which most of the peaks of Pir Panjal can be seen.

A peak called Gul Dhoop, which is more than 11,000 feet high, is on this road and there is also a jeep way to reach the peak.

Dabran village is like a village like Arang Kel

When you come down from the rocks, you come to the village of Leswa Kathian, which is an example of its beauty. The bill-eating road passes between the houses.

Then comes the village of Leswa where there is a market and the necessities of life are available. There are two big waterfalls in Leswa village for which you have to travel by jeep and some of them. Their name is Paja waterfall and Bekri waterfall. The height of which is unknown at the moment. Similarly, on this 52 km route, you can visit many tourist places.

After 52 km, this road again joins the main road which is called Zero Point.

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