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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Dasht: Border opening announced after agreement with military authorities against freedom fighters The Balochistan Post

Pakistan Forces FC has issued an agreement announcing the opening of Dasht Kapkpar border trade in Balochistan bordering Iran. It is being reopened so that the people of Turbat and Dasht region can get employment through border trade and benefit from the economic benefits of peaceful trade.

According to the agreement, Kupakpark crossing point will be opened for border trade only on the guarantee that the local dignitaries and reliable will guarantee that there will be no armed action in the entire desert area. Apart from this, the following points will also be fulfilled.

According to the text of the agreement, the dignitaries and reliable people of the region will not give shelter to any freedom fighter in the entire desert region and will not give any support.

The FC has said that local dignitaries and people will be responsible for immediately informing the law enforcement agencies in case of presence of Baloch freedom fighters in the area. While informing the law enforcement agencies about the facilitators of the freedom fighters in the area.

The agreement stipulated that the families of the Baloch freedom fighters in the pre-existing area would be held responsible for bringing back their children as soon as possible. If any person involved in the border trade or any of his relatives cooperates or liaises with the freedom fighters, his vehicle will be confiscated and he will be punished according to law.

According to this agreement, if any kind of armed action takes place in the entire desert region in the future, the Kapakpar crossing point will be closed for border trade until the government authorities arrest the suspects involved in the action and their facilitators. are

Further conditions were laid that no protest will be made in case of closure of the crossing point and if any protest is attempted then legal action will be taken against the persons involved in it.

On the other hand, the people associated with the border business termed this agreement as killing Baloch jobs and said that the security forces and institutions want to use the people to hide their failures and make the situation more tense here.

While it has also been revealed that crores of rupees have been earned by Pakistani forces authorities by introducing token system on border business. Circles associated with the border business say that through the above procedure, a token is sold for lakhs of rupees, while there is no legal mention of it.

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