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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the situation is tense again The Balochistan Post

After the 2020 war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, tensions are likely to rise again.

Fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan flared up again on Monday night, with dozens of people killed along the border, according to fresh reports. There are reports of heavy artillery shelling by the sides.

Both countries claim that they have launched a proportionate response to the provocations by the other side.

“Azerbaijan heavily shelled Armenian military positions in the direction of the cities of Gores, Sotuk and Jarmuk, with artillery and high-capacity firearms, around midnight on Tuesday,” Armenia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement.

But Azerbaijan accused Armenian forces of launching “large-scale sabotage operations” on Monday night, laying a large number of landmines and stockpiling weapons near the border districts of Dashkisan, Kilbazar and Lashin.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry added in its statement that the retaliatory actions taken by its forces in response to the provocation by the Armenian army are local and aimed at targeting the military equipment. which are being used from firing points.”

Both countries have acknowledged the casualties of their soldiers in the clashes, but the number of casualties has not been confirmed.

The fighting began in the Nagorno-Karabakh region inside Azerbaijan, which ethnic Armenian separatists seized in 1991 and then declared a separate democratic state. After this incident, the name of this area was Aart Sakh.

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