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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Karachi: Accused of celebrating in favor of Sri Lanka, Afghan citizen arrested The Balochistan Post

Karachi police arrested dozens of alleged Afghan citizens for celebrating Pakistan’s defeat.

A case has been registered against the arrested persons in the Saurabgoth police station. According to the text of the FIR, during a routine patrol near Saurabh Goth, the police found around 30 people celebrating when their identities were ascertained. All of them were Afghan nationals and had entered Pakistan illegally.

DSP Sohail Faiz told the media that Karachi police have arrested 26 people who are Afghan citizens and have crossed the border into Pakistan illegally who were celebrating Pakistan’s defeat in the cricket match.

The police have alleged that the Afghan citizens celebrated Pakistan’s defeat in the Asia Cricket Cup between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Dubai yesterday. The citizen was harassed and forced to chant slogans of Pakistan dead.

The police have registered a case under the Foreign Act against the mentioned persons and further proceedings of the matter are in progress.

It should be remembered that the Quetta police had taken two dozen Baloch students and transferred them to the police station on the charge of celebrating Pakistan’s defeat.

According to the Baloch students, they were gathered at a place after the cricket match when the police suddenly stormed and took dozens of students hostage to the police station. .

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