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Deceived the public regarding Khai Gala to Ali Sojal road

BlogDeceived the public regarding Khai Gala to Ali Sojal road

Regarding Khai Gala to Ali Sojal Road, our people were cheated in the form of a fake notification in the last few days. But when they went on hunger strike, they were picked up and thrown out of Bab e Jaboota, Azad Kashmir

The people of Jaboota area did not tolerate such humiliation of their conscientious youths and a roaring sea of people came to Umand and staged a sit-in at Khaigala Chowk which continued till late at night. Not only the people of Jaboota area, but also the people of Khaigala, the transport union, and the tradesmen’s union had fully supported the sit-in.

So a notification was issued regarding the completion of Khaigala to Ali Sujal road. Relying on that notification, our people announced to end the sit-in. But till now no work could be started on this road. There is a limit to tolerance.

Those who sit in the assemblies of Muzaffarabad are devils disguised as human beings who have nothing to do with the problems, pains and sufferings of the people. They just have to sit in the assemblies of Islamabad.

There is nothing else except the mediation of the rulers. Regarding the demand for the same road, some of our revolutionary, conscientious and courageous youths have been on hunger strike for the past five or six days, but the rulers and the administration have not paid attention to the ears of Poonch.

They have no interest in the fact that they are also human beings! These are our people too, after five years we attend their doors wagging our tails like a dog to get votes. But no such a world of indifference is not found in wild beasts as much as in Muzaffarabad. The pimp who sits in me is found among the rulers.

Tomorrow, Saturday, at nine o’clock in the day, a caravan will leave Ali Sojal with the same demand for the road for which we were cheated earlier.

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Khaigla Chowk will be closed from 10 to 10:30..and it will be closed until a government representative comes and gives us proof as to why this has been done why we have fake notification dramas.

There is a sit-in until the facilitators in Muzaffarabad do not respond to it. All the people of the area are appealed to come out tomorrow to provide better facilities to their future generations.

This ruinous road has taken away many of our dear friends from us. How many of our patients die on this road before reaching Rawalkot. How many of our mothers and sisters die before reaching Rawalkot hospital. or lose their unborn child.

If not today, then never again. If you want to live with better facilities, you will have to leave tomorrow. All the people of Khaigala, the transport union, the trade union are requested to support our youth because the transport runs on this road, this road is also yours!

We have full hope that the people Hard work will definitely pay off! And especially this great sacrifice of hunger strike youth will be remembered by history and future generations.

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