Thursday, October 6, 2022

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a word that, as soon as one hears it, one runs in the race of ideas like Sheikh Chali and in that race he feels completely immersed in the rain of dollars. 

And he thinks that just now the narrator will write in Chinese and life will pass very quietly. If you think so, congratulations, your thoughts are the same as the rest of the new freelancers. In fact, freelancer is actually a combination of two words. Free and Lancer. 

But their terminological meanings are slightly different. free doesn’t mean free, here free and lancer in English means a soldier who is always ready for battle with a long spear. In this sense, freelancing means free soldier. Who is completely free in his work. That is, you are not a freelancer. You are a free soldier who went to war. But with your consent and full will. 

Subordinate, here the officer orders the war from the time the war is fought and in all subsequent orders you are bound by the officer. An example of this can be taken from an office job, ie you are bound by a superior officer while working, in which you have to follow the instructions on a daily basis and pay your salary at the end of the month.

In this way, the free soldier is the one who is not waiting for anyone’s order for his war and he is not bound by anyone’s order. 

He has to prepare for this war himself, he has to tighten his back and go down on the field himself and in the end he has to fight the war himself. So whatever your job is, it’s not a war. From creating an account on Fire to completing your first job, all your work falls into the category of war. 

Taking orders in the race of so many freelancers is no less than a battle, but you are not bound by anyone in this battle. You can complete your order during the day or at night. You can do this sitting in your bedroom or in the drawing room. 

You are free to choose your weapons or skills in this battle. Whether you want to be a designer or a content writer. All of this depends entirely on your will. 

All you need in this war is hard work and passion to protect yourself and your weapons from rusting, and in this war hard work and honesty will lead you to victory. Flags are planted.

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