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Rawalkot, police seized a...

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Rawalkot police seized a Suzuki van from near the city...

Municipal elections, campaigning is...

Rawalkot (Dharti News) In the second phase of local elections to be held...
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For the second time in a week, India has fined Google billions of rupees

The Competition Commission of India announced this decision / AFP photo

India has imposed a fine of billions of rupees on Google for the second time in a week.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has fined Google 11.3 million dollars (over 24.59 billion Pakistani rupees) for the company’s use of its position to push other services. It has been declared to stop.

The CCI has also directed Google not to prevent app developers from accessing third-party billing or payment services.

According to the Competition Commission, Google took advantage of its dominant position to force app developers to use its app payment system.

Earlier on October 20, CCI had imposed a fine of 16.19 million dollars on Google.

At the time, the Competition Commission said Google used its dominant position in online search and the app store for Android devices to protect its own apps, such as Chrome and YouTube, and suppress rival apps.

The Competition Commission also ordered Google to change its approach for the Android platform.

A Google spokesperson said on the new fine, “By keeping costs down, our model has helped India’s digital revolution and extended it to millions of citizens.”

According to the spokesperson, we will review this decision and determine further steps.

Google can approach the court against this decision.

In a 199-page judgment, the CCI ordered Google to make changes within three months and directed the company to ensure transparency.

The Competition Commission had launched an investigation in 2020 and the identity of the complainant was withheld.

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Rawalkot, police seized a car full of black pipes

Rawalkot (Dharti News) Rawalkot police seized a Suzuki van from near the city which was loaded with black water pipes. This Suzuki van was coming from Rawalpindi which was stopped by some political activists near the passport office...

Municipal elections, campaigning is over, polling will be held tomorrow

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