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One slab benefit ended, electricity consumers started receiving huge bills

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Along with increasing the price of electricity, the government has also introduced a one-slab benefit on the bills of domestic consumers, due to which the citizens are receiving huge bills.

It should be noted that earlier electricity distribution companies used to send electricity bills to domestic consumers on the basis of one slab benefit, i.e. if a consumer used 350 units of electricity in a month, then a rate of 1 to 300 units and 50 units above. 301 to 400 units seemed to have a separate rate.

According to the sources, now this facility of one slab benefit has been terminated for all domestic customers except protected customers.

Now the electricity used by unprotected consumers will be charged at the rate of the last unit used, i.e. now the slab rate of 301 to 400 units will be charged for the use of 350 units.

For using 150 units under the slab benefit, earlier 100 units cost 13 rupees 48 paise, for 50 units above 100, the user was charged 18 rupees 58 paise per unit, but now customers with monthly expenses of 150 units will be charged a total of Rs. But 18 rupees 58 paise per unit is being charged.

Apart from this, the rate per unit from 201 to 300 per month is 21 rupees 47 paise, per unit rate of 400 units of electricity per month is 24 rupees 63 paise, per unit price of 500 units of electricity per month is 26 rupees, per unit per unit of 600 units per month. The price is Rs 27, for consumption of 700 units per month the rate per unit is Rs 27 65 paise, for consumption above 700 units per month the rate per unit is Rs 31 12 paise.

Available on K Electric’s website Information According to the Protected Consumers are those household consumers who have been using less than 200 units continuously during the last 6 months.

According to the report, during this period, if a customer crosses the limit of 200 units, he will be removed from the list of protected customers and will not get the relief of slab benefit, while to become a protected customer again, it is necessary to have 6 consecutive months Electricity consumption is limited to 200 units.

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