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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Sales of the world’s oldest fuel surged in Europe, worried about the arrival of winter

Stockpiling of firewood has also begun in Europe / Photo courtesy of Yahoo!

European countries may face electricity load-shedding in winter due to gas and electricity shortages.

After the destruction of Russia’s Nord Gas Pipeline, gas supply has further decreased, due to which European countries have started to use the world’s oldest fuel to keep their homes warm.

Currently, 70 percent of European homes are heated by natural gas and electricity, but after Russian gas supply cuts, Europeans are turning their attention to firewood.

The price of this oldest fuel in the world has also increased rapidly and in France alone the price of a ton of wood has increased by almost 100% to 600 euros.

Hungary has imposed a ban on the export of wood, while Romania has frozen the price of wood for 6 months.

Similarly, the sale of wood stoves has also increased but their availability is proving difficult.

Inflation has also increased in European countries as a result of the energy crisis, and the inflation rate in the Eurozone reached double digits for the first time in September 2022.

Most European citizens are worried about how they will be able to keep their homes warm in the coming months, and this concern is exacerbated by the approach of winter.

“We are concerned that people will burn what they find, which could result in a significant increase in air pollution,” said Roger Seiden, head of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s air quality division.

In fact, he feared that this could adversely affect people’s health, increasing cases of lung diseases, heart attacks, strokes and asthma.

As the demand for wood has increased, its stockpiling has also increased in European countries and people are buying it in excess quantity.

According to local companies, usually some people buy firewood in winter, but this trend started in June this year when gas supply was restricted by Russia.

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