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The country’s weekly inflation rate fell by more than 8 percent

Prices of 10 commodities fell and 26 rose in the recent week: Bureau of Statistics – Photo: File

The country’s weekly inflation rate fell by more than 8 percent.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the prices of 10 commodities decreased and the prices of 26 commodities increased in the recent week.

Prices of cooking oil, ghee, onion and tomato fell while flour, chicken and tea became more expensive.

According to the Institute of Statistics, the highest relief from inflation last week was given to those earning up to 22 thousand 888 rupees per month and for now the inflation rate has decreased by 11.91 percent while the rate of inflation has decreased by 8.45 percent for those earning 17 thousand 732 rupees per month.

Inflation rate decreased by 8.02% for those earning 29 thousand 517 rupees per month, 6.07% for those earning 44 thousand 175 rupees per month and 4.08% for those earning more than 44 thousand 175 rupees per month last week.

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