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The possibility of IMF asking Pakistan to do more

Negotiations between Pakistan and IMF will be held from next month: Finance Ministry sources. Photo file

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is likely to ask Pakistan to do more.

According to the sources, the talks between Pakistan and the IMF will be held from next month, the ninth economic review will be discussed in the talks.

Sources in the Ministry of Finance say that there is a possibility that Pakistan will be asked to do more by the IMF in the negotiations.

Sources say that there may be a demand from the IMF to raise the levy on petrol to Rs 50 per liter by December 31, while there may also be a demand to raise the levy on diesel to Rs 50 per liter by April 2023.

According to sources, there may be a demand to impose sales tax on petroleum products in the negotiations.

Sources of the Ministry of Finance say that in the negotiations with the IMF, there will be a discussion on the phased elimination of zero sales tax on petroleum products, various proposals to increase tax revenue will be reviewed.

Sources say that the talks will also discuss limiting subsidies and allocating them only to the poor.

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