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There is too much economic inequality in the country: Economist Qaiser Bengali

A few people have millions of acres and millions don’t even have a few acres: Asma Jahangir addressing the conference / file photo

Lahore: Economist Dr. Qaiser Bengali says that there is a lot of economic inequality in the country due to which few people have millions of acres and millions do not have even a few acres.

In the Asma Jahangir Conference, a session was also held on land acquisition and political economy, in which economist Dr Qaiser Bengali said that the state is strict in acquiring land and oppresses its own citizens.

Labor leader Farooq Tariq said that first settle the old Lahore and then build a new city on the Ravi.

Maher Abdul Sattar, the leader of Farmers Movement, said that he was jailed for four years for demanding the rights of farmers in Okara, is it a crime to demand your rights?

In the conference, a session was also held on democracy and human rights in South Asia, in which the Indian delegate Rethaman Chanda said that if the states come closer, the people themselves will come closer.

Sushil Raj of Nepal said that India considers us as its colony.

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