Arrest warrant issued against Azad Kashmir’s ex-Minister


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MUZAFFARABAD: (Azadi Times) Arrest warrants have been issued for the newly elected mayor of Muzaffarabad Syed Sikander Gilani along with former education minister, information secretary of Muslim League-N Azad Kashmir Syed Iftikhar Gilani, and his real brother Syed Mehr Gilani.


But the warrant was issued by the judicial magistrate of Muzaffarabad, and the land owned by the former education minister was seized.

The affected person appealed to the court. Our Pashtini 10 Kanal land was acquired by Syed Mehr Geelani through collusion and forgery.

The former education minister’s brother used the AJK government influence of Iftikhar Gilani to make a fake and fictitious plot of land, there is no record or area of Maher Gilani’s land in the Ministry of Finance.

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