Pakistani Citizen gets stay order against 5 Billions Rupees funded by Saudi Development Bank to AJK Govt


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MUZAFFARABD: (Azadi Times) Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir (AJK ) Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan said that the Saudi Development Bank funded 5 billion rupees for the educational institutions of Azad Kashmir, on which the honorable court issued a stay.

Take the funds and spend them on your educational institutions and students, this most important project was first played with musical rip-off and when the contract was awarded, the honorable judiciary stayed it, the schools and children of our state cannot afford it.


It is possible that five billion funds will come for them and any person from KPK will come and get a stay on this project. The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir said how can tax-evading factories worth two and a half billion rupees be opened overnight.

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How much tax did the two-and-a-half billion tax evaders submit to the state? How are such factories opened? When we sat with the federation, they said that you will take the tax from these tobacco factories or we will give it to you.

Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan further said that there is no happy situation in Azad Kashmir. Stay is always granted on a temporary basis then why this months-long stay is granted?


If the election commission has a case of councilors of a local ward, why does the big court jump, and streetwalkers are called and stopped? Sardar further said that politics within the state is only the right of the people. So, who can come into this domain and who can’t? We will decide it.


Parliament is the supreme institution, we should not be dictated to and we will not take anyone’s dictation. Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan further said that Ramadan has to be considered. After Eid, we will clear the smoke from Poonch.

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