Monday, September 26, 2022

Atif Maqbool Young Kashmiri Blogger Termed Enemy Of Digital J&K New Law Passed In AJK Assembly

 The new electoral law passed in the AJK Legislative Assembly deserves less condemnation.  Atif Maqbool a young Kashmiri blogger, politician, termed the new law as an Enemy Of Education and Digital J&K Campaign.

Atif Maqbool, a young Kashmiri politician.

Under this new law, even an illiterate person can contest elections and become a member of the Assembly. This law has been approved by the president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. There is a system like NTS for recruitment of a primary teacher and illiterate candidates for membership of the Assembly. Without education, a person is blind. If the leaders of a nation are illiterate, what will happen to that nation?

The political leaders of Azad Kashmir are already less educated and the majority are illiterate who are imposed on the people by the politics they have inherited. When such people are imposed on the nation, the nation will be lost in darkness. In the present era, development is impossible without modern education.

Azad Kashmir’s political system is already based on prejudice, tribalism, and nationalism. After this law, illiterate landlords will get a green signal in politics, which will further strengthen the current declining political system in accordance with democratic requirements do not have. 

Atif Maqbool urged the debating political rights activist Supreme Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the Election Commission Of Azad Jammu Kashmir to withdraw this black law and review the current political system and base the politics of this region on the principles of modern democratic politics. Which is essential for a developed and prosperous modern society based on justice.
Atif Maqbool Kashmiri Blogger And Political Rights Activist.

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