Saturday, October 1, 2022

Actor Hwang In Youp consults Ji Chang Wook for his romantic scenes

Actor Hwang In Youp confesses that he took advice from his ‘sunbae’ Ji Chang Wook for on screen romance

Actor Hwang In Youp recently revealed that he asked help from his Ji Chang Wook on how to ace romantic scenes.

As per the reports of koreaboo, TVING’s show Youth MT aired its second episode which showed the two actors catching up in the car as they drove to base camp.

While the actors chatted, Hwang In Youp mentioned that the K-drama Why Her? marks his first time playing a lead role and that too, in a romance drama.

The actor further explained that he usually plays teenage roles but this was his first romance drama and he thought Ji Chang Wook was the perfect romance master to seek advice from.

“This was my first role as an adult. And it was my first time filming a romance drama. So whenever there was… a very romantic scene, I looked it up on the internet, and every time, you came up,” said Hwang In. Yup.

The star also funnily mentioned how he had told his co-star about taking advice from Ji Chang Wook for his onscreen romance, much to Ji Chang Wook’s shock and embarrassment.

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