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Elliot Page says he was ‘devoured’ by ‘shame’ before transition


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Elliot Page talks representation in Hollywood and says ‘the industry has much further to go’

On Monday, Elliot Page was interviewed by BBC’s Lauren Laverne, where he discussed his personal struggles prior to his public announcement about being transgender. He also expressed his belief that Hollywood needs to take further steps in response to the MeToo movement.

Laverne asked Page about how Hollywood has changed in the aftermath of the MeToo movement, to which he responded: “The industry has to go much further. There’s been some change and more conversation, there’s more representation but there’s so much further to go.”

Talking about his transition and its effect on his work, the Juno star said: “I feel like I’ve reclaimed that creative life of my own and I can be creative in a way I couldn’t before because my brain was occupied and devoured by an unhealthy thing – by shame and dysphoria and my discomfort…”

The Umbrella Academy actor added, “now I’m feeling the most embodied and confident and present and its led to so much creative force and excitement’.

He further added that he hopes his story will resonate with people and help them. “It felt like a good opportunity to use my platform to share my story as people sharing their stories has helped me so much so if it helps anyone and allows people to be seen then that means the world to me.” 

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