Michael J. Fox breaks silence on ‘Back to the Future’ bizarre plot


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Michael J. Fox breaks silence on ‘Back to the Future’ bizarre plot

Michael J. Fox has called the mother-son plot of Back to the Future “bizarre.”

Speaking to Variety, the 61-year-old said, “There’s something about it that people still respond to because it’s so weird.”

In one of the scenes in the 1950s, a woman swooned over him at “Enchanted Under the Sea” dance, who later came to be his future mother.

“Not to be crude, but it’s a movie about almost ******* your mom, and she’s totally ready for it,” Fox cheekily said.

“Even at the time, I realized it was bizarre — plus Lea was pretty cute.”

In other news, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood inspired Michael J. Fox to bid farewell to acting as he related to one of the movie’s scenes.

During an interview with Empire, the star recounted The Good Fight shoot, where he forgot his lines due to Parkinson’s disease.

“I thought of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,” adding, “There’s a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio’s character can’t remember his lines anymore.”

“He goes back to his dressing room and he’s screaming at himself in the mirror. Just freaking insane,” he said.

Fox added: “I had this moment where I was looking in the mirror and thought, ‘I cannot remember it anymore. Well, let’s move on.’ It was peaceful.”

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