Monday, September 26, 2022

Prince William, Harry reunion in Windsor ‘greatest gift Queen had hoped for’

Prince William and Prince Harry surprised royal admirers outside Windsor Castle as they walked alongside each other, hand-in-hand with their wives.

It was the first appearance of the ‘fab four’ ever since the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in 2020. The couples came together to mourn their late grandmother, Elizabeth II.

Speaking about the Queen’s feelings over the reunion, Mirror columnist Jennie Bond notes: “They walked – together but in their separate couples – to share the moment of reading the many messages from the public to the grandmother who was so key to both of their lives. .

“It was the greatest gift the Queen could have hoped for.

“After the bitterness of the past two years and the constant barrage of public complaints from Harry and Meghan about their lives as working royals, grief had finally brought them together.

She continued: “Last night it seemed that progress had been made. The four had not been seen together since the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey more than two years ago.

“The four of them can at least put on a show of unity when it is needed, they can act with decorum and dignity.

“There is a long way to go. But their grandmother would surely be relieved and proud,” concluded Ms Bond.

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