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Rita Ora shares surprising details about her secret wedding to Taika Waititi


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Rita Ora, who tied the knot with Taika Waititi last summer in an intimate ceremony, has revealed that she didn’t want any ‘special attention’ on the day.

The 32-year-old singer has shared new details about her secret wedding to the Oscar-winning director.

Surprisingly, the ceremony was planned in just 48 hours and the only guests to attend in person were the singer’s Taika’s two daughters from his first marriage and Rita’s sister Elena.


“Some women like to feel that real special attention that day. And everyone’s different. And for me – I think with my job, it is all… it’s very attention driven – I wanted to keep it private because my life and my career aren’t,” she told Glamour magazine.


“It was either then or we had to wait for ages. I didn’t want to do it without my stepkids there. So, we just figured it out and we did it. And it was perfect,”

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She continued: “My sister was there, which was amazing for me. And he had his girls there, which was amazing for him. It was a dream. My parents were on Zoom.”


The low-key wedding ceremony mimicked the muted proposal, with Rita recalling: ‘Honestly, there was no real getting down on one knee. It was more like, “I want to marry you. Let’s just do it.”‘


Rita, who has not shared any photos from the big day, added: “I naturally gravitated towards having a God and there being a Jesus and me following that route. That was just me. But I, again, praise my God in my own way. And so that’s the way I’m giving out my energy with my family.”

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