Complete Overview Of Haveli District of Azad Kashmir


Haveli district is one of the 10 districts of Pakistan-administered Azad Kashmir. Haveli was earlier a tehsil of Bagh district but on 1st July 2009, it was given the status of a district.

As of the 2017 census, Haveli City has a population of 152,124. The main local languages ​​are Pahari (spoken by about 65% of the inhabitants), Gujri (c. 30%), and Kashmiri (c. 5%).


Haveli district is divided into three tehsils:

Haveli Tehsil
Khurshidabad Tehsil
Mumtazabad Tehsil

The district has 12 union councils comprising 95 villages and one municipal corporationForwad Kahuta.


Haveli district is situated at an altitude of about 8000 feet above sea level. Heavy snowfall occurs regularly throughout the year. Dara Haji Pir, Lasdana, Sindh Gala, Nil Kanth, Aliabad, Shiraziabad, Kalamulla, Jabi Syedan, and Mohri Syed Ali are all popular tourist destinations of Haveli district. Biduri Top, at 12,228 feet, is the highest peak in the district.


Many people from the district have migrated abroad, and some of them serve in important positions in Pakistan. Haveli district is bounded on the north and northeast by Baramulla district of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, on the southeast and south by Poonch district of Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir, and on the west by Bagh. District and Poonch of Azad Kashmir.


According to Alif Alan Pakistan District Education Ranking 2017, Haveli district is ranked 33rd out of 148 districts in education. The district ranks 146 out of 148 for facilities and infrastructure.