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Epaper 24-11-2022

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Cold Treatment: Caution in food and drink

Winter is coming across the country. Even in Karachi, the temperature has started to drop at night. In such a situation, the fear of catching a cold is lost because the pollution and dry weather usually cause the complaint of cold. Children and adults all seem to be troubled by it. Colds are accompanied by headache, chills, fever, body aches, cough, and runny nose, making the body feel heavy and unwell.

In such a case, a person needs a rich diet to get the necessary strength to fight the cold virus. In this regard, doctors recommend the use of cold, soups, stews and other beneficial foods, as well as avoiding certain foods because they can prolong the recovery time of a cold. If you avoid eating and drinking foods during cold, you will soon get rid of this disease.

Milk products

There is an old saying that milk and its products produce more mucus in the body. However, it is true that for some people, milk can thicken mucus and make it last longer. Therefore, if drinking milk is causing congestion in your chest, it is wise to avoid it. But if it is not a cold, other ailments can benefit from consumption of things like milk and curd. They both contain protein and vitamin D that help your body fight infection. Yogurt contains probiotics, which can help keep the good bacteria (beneficial) in balance.

Refined grains

Most of the people suffering from upset stomach avoid eating spicy and nutritious food instead of rice and toast. The downside of this strategy is that refined carbohydrates are quickly broken down into sugar in the body, resulting in a spike in blood glucose levels and a quick return to hunger. Carbohydrates are also associated with inflammation, which you should avoid at all costs. When you’re sick, stick to whole grains (not white flour) or brown rice, they’ll keep you from getting hungry as quickly.


Protein is essential to maintain your strength while fighting a cold, and it is found in plenty in meat. However, it also contains a lot of fat, which makes it difficult to digest. Some experts suggest that animal fat reduces your body’s ability to eliminate the germs that cause colds, and therefore make you experience symptoms longer. It is best to get your protein needs from eggs, lentils, chickpeas, beans, nuts, soybeans and rice.

Fast food

Fatty foods such as chips, french fries, burgers and pizza contain a lot of trans fat or vegetable oil. They cause severe inflammation in the body and suppress the immune system. Fatty food is also difficult to digest and can increase feelings of nausea. When you feel like you really have to eat, avoid these types of snacks and stick to protein foods.


Eating too many sweet or sugary foods during a cold can be problematic because they cause inflammation. Sweet foods make it difficult to expel mucus, which is the type of warm and moist environment that the cold virus likes to live in. Inflammation can also weaken the body’s infection-fighting white blood cells. Although ginger tea is beneficial for colds, it is more effective than drinking it without sugar.


Everyone should drink plenty of water during illness. Lack of water i.e. dehydration also causes cold. Due to the fever caused by a cold, sweating and frequent sweating can lead to dehydration. So not only is it necessary to drink extra water, but also to avoid caffeinated beverages as it can lead to excessive urination. Caffeine is said to cause dehydration, but this is still being researched. It is better to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and get more rest than going to the bathroom frequently as this is essential to cure a cold.

Foods useful in colds

* Chicken Soup/Yakhni: Chicken soup or yakni can be the best choice to get rid of cold. Research shows that soup made with vegetables or chicken broth slows down the movement of neutrophils in the body. Another study has shown that chicken soup is effective in reducing the symptoms of upper respiratory infections as well.

* Ginger: Ginger is very useful for health and has been tested for centuries. In case of cough and cold, taking a few drops of ginger juice in a spoonful of honey helps.

* Garlic: It contains a compound called allicin, which has antimicrobial properties. According to research, regular consumption of garlic can reduce the attack of cold.

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Epaper 24-11-2022

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