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Justice For Tanveer Ahmed | Justice For Kashmir

Justice For Tanveer Ahmed A UK Based Kashmiri Journalist

Tanveer Ahmed lives in Pakistan-administrared Jammu and Kashmir. He is a Journalist He worked many years with BBC News. He has been in jail for 9 months of United Kingdom (UK). He was arrested on 14 August 2020 when When they were on hunger strike on the tomb of Maqbool Bhat a Kashmiri leader. Tanveer Ahmed’s demand was that thr Flag of Pakistan should be take off the flag of Pakistan from the Tomb, of a Kashmiri Leader He wanted to wave the flag of Jammu Kashmir  because this Tomb is of a Kashmiri leader. He took a 3-day hunger strike over this demands at Maqbool Bhat Memorable when his demand was not accepted by local administration, he himself took off the flag of Pakistan and waved the flag of Kashmir. Where he has been su suffering from prison for past nine month, he is taken to various torture cells where he is tortured. His condition has been very bed for the last several days. He told his family members that here they are tortured and given injections that upset their mental balance. Tanveer Ahmed’s wife had also staged sit-in with her children for Tanveer Ahmed’s release. Many Media Reporters went to Tanveer Ahmed’s family and conveyed their position to government, but Tanveer Ahmed was not released. Rallies were held acros Pakistan administrated Jammu Kashmir for his release. 

His family said in a statement that since Tanveer Ahmed has gone to jail, the finincialy situation in his house is also not good. Most of the people of Tanveer Ahmed family are in UK . There is no one to take care of his family in his absence Tanveer Ahmed’s two younger daughters are also
upset without her father. Tanveer Ahmed also has a son which is currently the students of the four classes In the absence of his father he is also extremely upset He no longer goes to play with his friends It seems as now he no longer loves his life. I am very sad to see this situation of Tanveer Ahmed’s family I had also kept a close watch on his case earlier and still I raise my voice for the release of Tanveer Ahmed from my platform as much as I can. I request you too Please show kindness to the family of Tanveer Ahmed and raise your voice for Tanveer Ahmed’s release Wherever you are from whatever religion From whatever country whoever is younger or older as a human being raise your voice Justice for Tanveer Ahmed, Maybe you have a little effort can give happiness Life of Tanveer Ahmed’s and his family. 
     Thank You!
By : Atif Maqbool Kashmiri Human Right Activist/ Blogger.

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