Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fighting intensifies Ukraine’s last stronghold, Russian missile strikes intensify

(Building destroyed in Ukraine – Russia War)

Fighting intensifies for Ukraine’s last stronghold, Russian missile strikes intensify Kyiv: Fighting has intensified in the strategic eastern province of Luhansk for Ukraine’s last stronghold, Lysi Chansk:

Azadi Times: (July 3, 2022)According to Reuters, Rodion Miroshenko, the pro-Moscow ambassador to the self-proclaimed Luhansk Republic, told Russian television on Saturday that “Lessie Chanesk has been captured but unfortunately has not yet been released.” 

The media showed the Luhansk militia waving flags and parades in the streets of Lesotho Chanesk, but Russian National Guard spokesman Ruslan Mozichek told state TV that the city was still under their control. 

Fierce fighting is raging near Lesotho. Fortunately, the city has not been besieged and is under the control of the Ukrainian army, ”he said. Violent explosions were heard near the Black Sea. The mayor of the southern region of Macaulay has instructed citizens to stay in safe places. Russia says it has targeted military command posts. 

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky condemned the attacks, saying in a speech that “the road to victory against Russia will be difficult, but the people must keep their resolve and harm the enemy so that every Russian remembers to break Ukraine.” Kiev says Moscow has stepped up missile strikes in cities far from the main battlefield and has deliberately targeted urban areas. 

Thousands of Ukrainians have been killed since the February 24 Russian invasion, and several cities are in a state of disarray. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Paskov reiterated Russia’s position that it did not target civilians. After fierce fighting last month, Russian troops captured the town of Sevrodonysk, near Lysi. Ukraine has called for more weapons from the West, saying its forces have been defeated by Russian forces with heavy weapons.

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