Thursday, October 6, 2022

Australian professor recently converted to Islam in Taliban captivity reached Afghanistan


(Australian professor who recently converted to Islam in Taliban captivity has reached Afghanistan)

Kabul (Azadi Times Latest World News- Online. August 13, 2022) Australian Professor Timothy Weeks, who converted to Islam in the prison of the Taliban, arrived in Kabul in celebration of the completion of one year of the establishment of the Emirate of Islamia government in Afghanistan and expressed his support to the Taliban government. 

Assured. According to a foreign news agency, Australian professor Timothy Weeks was abducted by the Taliban near the university in 2016 along with an American colleague and held hostage for three years. In exchange for the release of three of their leaders, the Taliban released the two professors, however. At that time, Timothy Weeks had converted to Islam and preferred to call himself Gabriel Omar. Since his release, he has been supporting the Taliban on many occasions. 

During the peace talks between the US and the Taliban in Qatar, Timothy Weeks also met with the Taliban leaders when the Taliban established their government in Afghanistan on August 15, 2021. If they succeeded, the Australian professor also congratulated him. Jibraeel Omar, who converted to Islam in Taliban prison, landed at the Kabul airport, he had a white beard on his face, and he was wearing a white shirt, shalwar, and Kandahari.

the turban was tied. In a conversation with the journalists, Professor Jibraeel Omar said that he came to Afghanistan to complete the second part of his journey and to celebrate the completion of one year of the establishment of the Taliban government on this land. At the beginning of this year, the Australian professor In an interview, it was said that he is working on a plan to establish a charity organization for the welfare of the Afghan people along with former Afghan parliamentarian Sona Barakzai based in Australia.

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