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Jammu: Two sons were taken out of death, the woman herself died, know what is coming in front

Bhaderwah of Doda district Jammu division, the woman woke up her two teenage sons who were sleeping and took both of them out of the jaws of death, but she herself died.

Could not escape the pounces of In no time, a kutcha house collapsed on her and the woman died a painful death by being buried under the debris.

Along with this, although a lot of effort was made to save him, but it was too late. The incident took place due to good rains in the area.

In fact, on Monday, the weather pattern was very bad in the whole of Jammu and Kashmir. It rained in the plains, while there was considerable snowfall in the mountains.

Also, the risk of cracks and collapse of houses in hilly areas increases in this type of weather. Ved Kumar’s family was fast asleep in the early hours of Tuesday in Butla village of Sartingal, about 10 km from Bhaderwah town. Ved Kumar’s wife Kirna Devi (38) and his two sons were in the house at that time.

His house was kutcha, in which cracks had appeared due to the rains on Sunday and Monday. In the early hours of Tuesday, suddenly the soil beneath the house shifted and the house started filling up.


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