Thursday, October 6, 2022

Line of Control:Tatronote Sit-in JKLF’s Press Release

(JKLF’s convoy towards Tatrinote for Sit-In)

KOTLI – (Press Release) Public problems and their looting will end only when the authority and control over resources will be with the people of the state:

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front is the basis of the state’s freedom part of the convoy is currently the only identity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the solution to their problems is the Liberation Front. 

Address of Advocate, Tahira Tauqeer, Nusrat Hussain and others to the participants of the Azadi Dharna. 

Determination to defend and the only announcement and message withdrawal withdrawal complete withdrawal of foreign forces According to the zonal spokesman, despite the harsh weather and rain, the participants will be determined to sit on the dharna by blowing thousands of whistles and sent a message to the world that they should be the voice of the oppressed state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Original State Narrative The state of Jammu and Kashmir is fully independent.

Hear the voice of “Azadi Dharna” is very important in the current situation of the state and one thing is clear from the successful march and dharna that people stand with the declaration of independence and let the forces that want to divide the state know that the people of Jammu and Kashmir whether Jammu or Kashmir Be it Valley or Ladakh or Gilgit-Baltistan as the crown of the state, they do not recognize any such act, law and bilateral agreements and will continue to struggle for the identity of their state and the restoration of its unity and any such measures should be taken. Do not accept it from Delhi or from Islamabad. 

Spokesperson Liberation Front Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan clarified that there is a clear message for those who are afraid of Azadi dharna to give up facilitation because today’s youth are conscious and they will spread the propaganda of the occupiers.

We are not afraid of this sit-in. We have the eyes of the whole world on this sit-in. 

The occupying state machinery and their facilitators should stay away, because from this Azadi sit-in campaign, we have given a clear message to the world that Yasin Malik and his party Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front are on one side.

There are peace and political parties that live in all corners of the world It has the support of the people across Jammu and Kashmir.

On this occasion, Zonal President Dr. Tauqeer Gilani strongly appealed to the people to be a part of this sit-in and be the voice of freedom.

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