Monday, September 26, 2022

Over 3,000 posts vacant is Azad Kashmir Health Department


Muzaffarabad (Azadi Times) During the question period in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, in response to a question from Assemblymember Mian Abdul Waheed, Health Minister Nisar Ansar Abdali said that the primary health centers of Neelam Valley LA-26-25 Ashkot, Leswa, Jagran. 

The posts of Medical Officers have not been created in Kuttan, Neelam, Karen, Changan, Sargan, Bukanwan, Shogran, Kil Dumel, Janoi, Halmat, or Luat Bor. The matter has been sent to the Finance Department for the creation of posts of Medical Officers and necessary Paramedics for these Health Centers under the Secretariat of Public Health, which is pending in the Finance Department. 

After the creation of vacancies, the procedure for appointment/appointment will be taken up as per the rules. Currently, there are 70% non-technical and 30% technical vacancies in the Azad Kashmir (AJK) health department. We currently need three thousand more doctors. Providing the best health facilities in remote areas is a priority of our government. In response to a question from Member of Assembly Ms. Nabila Ayub Khan, Finance Minister Abdul Majeed Khan said that licenses are issued to mobile companies in Azad Kashmir by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Government of Pakistan, under the Telecommunication Organization Act, 1996. 

The salary etc. of the employees posted at the tower of the mobile companies are determined by the mobile companies themselves. The matter under discussion does not come under the purview of the Azad Kashmir Health Department of Communications and Public Works, Government of Azad Kashmir. 

It is true that according to the notification issued by the Secretariat of Industry, Labour, and Mineral Resources, the minimum salary of unskilled persons in Azad Kashmir is fixed at twenty thousand rupees, but this notification does not apply to the employees of mobile companies. However, only the Department of Industries, Labor, and Mineral Resources can explain this further. According to the information available in Azad Kashmir, five mobile companies are operating in Azad Kashmir, these companies do not come under the jurisdiction of the Azad Kashmir government. 

The Communications and Public Works Department coordinates the issues related to Azad Kashmir Roads Communication. We have written a letter to the federal government to provide the due amount. We have determined the tax amount while the income amount is still outstanding. With reference to the salaries of mobile campaign employees, I direct the Secretary of Labor and Industry to submit a report to rectify the matter.

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