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100 Short Message Of Holy Quran, Islam, Relgion Of Peace

100 Short Message Of Quran:

edited by: amaatiikhan

one: don’t be rude in speech communication 

two: management your anger 

three: help to others 
four: don’t be self-important 
five: Forgive the mistakes of others 
six: Speak softly to folks
seven: Keep your voice low 
eight: do not mock others 
nine: Serve oldsters|the oldsters|the fogeys}’
ten: do not utter one word of insult to the parents 
eleven: do not enter their space while not the permission of the parents’
twelve:  don’t imitate blindly.
fourteen If the individual goes through a tough time, provide him longer to pay.
 fifteen don’t take interest. 
sixteen don’t take bribes.
 seventeen don’t break guarantees.
 eighteen Trust others. don’t combine lies.
 Establish justice among twenty folks. defy for justice.
 twenty two Distribute the wealth of the deceased among all the members of the family. 
twenty three girls conjointly share within the inheritance, on the property of orphans.
 twenty four  don’t occupy ’25 defend orphans ’26 don’t pay the wealth of others unnecessarily,
 twenty seven make up between folks ’28 Avoid suspicion’ 
twenty nine don’t gossip 
’30 don’t spy ’31 Do charity
 ’32 Feed the poor Feed 
’33 notice the impoverished and facilitate them
 ’34 do not waste cash 
’35 do not be charitable 
’36 Respect the guests
 ’37 help yourself initial then teach others
 ’38 On earth do not unfold evil. 
39: do not stop folks from coming into mosques.
 forty Fight solely with people who fight with you.
 forty one pay attention of war rule throughout war. 
forty two do not show back throughout war. No.
 forty four believe all the prophets.
 forty five don’t bang throughout the times of period.
 forty six wet-nurse kids for 2 years. 
forty seven watch out for iniquity. 
48. select rulers on benefit.
 forty nine A burden on somebody on the far side his bravery. do not place ‘
50 watch out for hypocrisy 
’51 ponder the creation ANd wonders of the universe ‘
52 girls and men can get an equal share of their deeds,
 fifty three don’t marry in selected blood relations 
fifty four Men ought to be the top of the family ‘
 fifty five don’t be stingy. fifty six don’t be jealous.
 57. don’t kill each other. 
58. don’t advocate deception. 
59. don’t get together with others in sin and severity.
 60. facilitate each other in goodness. 
61 the bulk isn’t a take a look at of truth.
 sixty two be the proper path Set a precedent by grueling
 sixty three crimes. combat sin and injustice. sixty five Dead animals. Blood and pork ar haraam.
 sixty six Abstain from alcohol and different medicine.
 sixty seven don’t gamble. 
sixty eight Diamond don’t gyrate. 
sixty nine don’t gossip, 
seventy Eat and drink however don’t be extravagant.
 seventy one Wear sensible garments throughout prayers.
 72. defend people who raise you for facilitate and protection. Help them.
 73. Maintain purity. ne’er despair of God’s mercy’
75 God forgives mistakes created in mental object 
’76 decision folks to God showing wisdom and sensible steering 
’77 nobody can bear the burden of anyone’s sins’
78 impoverishment don’t kill your kids for concern of Allah
 seventy-nine don’t pursue what you are doing not grasp.
 eighty be from hidden things (Do not search). 
eighty don’t enter different people’s homes while not permission.
 eighty-two God protects people who believe His Essence ‘
83 Walk humbly on the earth 
’84 Complete your share of the globe ’85 don’t associate anyone with the Essence of God,
 eighty-six don’t constitute homoeroticism ’87 Accompany actuality (Truth)’ Avoid the False ‘ don’t walk with a tie. 
eighty-nine girls shouldn’t show their adornment.
 90. God forgives all sins except theism. 
91. don’t despair of Allah’s mercy. 92. Eliminate evil with sensible. 93. Decide with a consultation.
 ’94 the foremost honorable of you is that the one WHO is a lot of pious ’95 there’s no asceticism in faith
 ’96 God provides priority to people who have data 
’97 Treat non-Muslims with kindness and morality 
’98 defend yourself from greed 
’99 God raise forgiveness from God, he’s the human, the foremost Merciful.

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