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Epaper 24-11-2022

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BJP’s conspiracies in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been exposed: Farooq Abdullah – (Kashmir Media Service)

Jammu, September 21 (KMS) National Conference President Farooq Abdullah in the illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir by India has called demarcation as a weapon for the Hindutva government of India under the leadership of Narendra Modi to establish its supremacy in the region. It has been heavily criticized for its use.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Farooq Abdullah while addressing a party convention in Bitot area of ​​Ramban district said that the geographical logic presented in the formation of new constituencies by the Delimitation Commission formed by New Delhi for Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It was just a hoax and the real purpose was to benefit the fascist BJP government. Farooq Abdullah said that BJP’s hypocrisy, deception and selfish agenda has been exposed which has caused a lot of damage to people’s lives. He said that all his actions are based on the politics of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. None of his moves are aimed at solving people’s problems. He said that after losing its credibility with the people, BJP is now trying to win the constituency through the back door by messing up the constituencies and bringing in outside voters. is trying Farooq Abdullah said that BJP only wants to capture power. The NC leader said that BJP’s conspiracies have disappointed the Kashmiri people and now no one can save them as people have decided to punish them through their votes. Is. He appealed to the people, especially the youth, not to allow the BJP to succeed in its nefarious ambitions aimed at disempowering the local people including Kashmiris, Gujars, Dogars, Paharis and other communities.

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