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Concern expressed over control of India’s nuclear weapons by Hindu extremists obsessed with nationalism – (Kashmir Media Service)

Islamabad September 27 (KMS)
India’s nuclear arsenal has long been controlled by nationalist Hindu extremist leaders.
According to a report published in the daily Dawn, this concern, which has been discussed in the academic circles for some time, was expressed by the adviser of the National Command Authority, Lt. Gen. Retd. While speaking at the 8th workshop on the topic of strategic stability in South Asia, he said that the control of India’s nuclear weapons has now come into the hands of an extremist and fundamentalist leadership. He further said that the toxic mix of Hindutva ideology and possession of nuclear weapons is a new trend that poses a serious threat to strategic stability in South Asia. General Qudwai warned that the development would not only affect nuclear-armed South Asia, but could have ramifications for the rest of the world. India’s National Command Authority, the apex nuclear body headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. , who has maintained an aggressive nuclear stance as Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the NCA Executive Council is headed by National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, who is the mastermind behind the 2016 New Delhi surgical strike drama. The extremist leadership includes Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. In his public rallies, Prime Minister Modi talks about the use of nuclear weapons. Under Modi’s watch, his ministers and retired senior officials have hinted at changes in nuclear doctrine, which he later denied. His ministers have also made provocative and irresponsible statements on various occasions. General Qadwai warned that the threat posed by extremists’ control of India’s nuclear arsenal has assumed a real-life character and momentum. He said that this situation is affecting not only the region but also the outside world. He said that the air strike on Balakot in February 2019 and the cruise missile incident of March 2022 were the aggression of the Indian extremist leadership against the neighboring country armed with nuclear weapons. There are obvious examples.

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