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India has given Israel full access to Occupied Jammu and Kashmir at the cost of world peace – (Kashmir Media Service)

New Delhi, November 09 (KMS) India has sounded the alarm for Kashmiris, Pakistanis and the whole world by giving full access to Israel in the UN-recognized disputed territory of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the name of cooperation in the agriculture sector.
According to Kashmir Media Service, Yair Eshel, the agricultural attaché of the Israeli embassy in India, has said that Israel is ready to open two centers of excellence in occupied Jammu and Kashmir under the India-Israel agricultural project. He made this announcement on Tuesday while visiting agricultural farms located near the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir Valley. Yair Eshel told reporters that we are ready to give our advanced technology to the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir. Rulers in India BJP has welcomed Israel’s interest in the agricultural sector of Jammu and Kashmir. This is a big and dangerous step by Israel after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. Threatened Pakistan and said that Israel is a reliable partner of India and stands with India in every difficult hour. Everyone knows that the relations between India and Israel have reached the level of strategic partnership. India is aggressively following the model of Israeli occupation of Palestine and both countries are cooperating with each other to achieve their nefarious goals of illegal occupation. It is internationally recognized that India and Israel are world leaders. They are committing the most human rights violations. Cooperation between the two countries is believed to be aimed at strengthening measures against illegal occupations and jointly facing international condemnation. The car is exactly the same. Both countries have forced their neighboring states into conventional wars and both are equally known for violating UN resolutions and international obligations. They are also considered a threat to international peace and regional stability. Analysts believe that the arrival of Israel in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will certainly worsen the already bad human rights situation in the region. Kashmir and Palestine are the worst examples of Hindu and Jewish settlement in modern history. Open and joining hands with the biggest enemies requires urgent attention of the international community, which is in the interest of world peace.

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