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Travel Story Of Gilgit Baltistan Jammu and Kashmir Tourisim: Latest News On Gilgit Baltistan Tourisim, Beauty Of GB News And Photos

 Travel Story Of Gilgit Baltistan Jammu and Kashmir:

(edited by: amaatiikhan)

  Have you ever met Kachora Lake in solitude ??? If not, spend a night by Kachora Lake and everyone will understand what I want to say. By the way, it is a different matter that  I spent four nights on Kachora Lake. I consider myself very lucky to have seen different colors of Kachora which may not be seen by those who come to Kachora Lake in one day and return in two or three hours. I remember Last year, when I reached Kachora Lake, I came back with a sad heart. I told Kachora Lake that you have disappointed me a lot. As much as I heard your praise, I did not find you. 

 He said that Masa is my different form, you spend the night here and then meet me, I also promised to come back from Kachora and went back. And now she has come to fulfill her promise to spend the night on the shores of Lake Kachora. Last year there was something else. I was sitting on a bench by the side of Kachora Lake. I saw a viewpoint just above Kachora Lake. There was an orange building in the distance, which was a hotel. Her orange color was very attractive, she was just thinking of going there when some young people had arrived who were having fun. I missed that point even though no one coming to Lake Kachora ever misses this viewpoint. 
I missed that viewpoint, which I was sorry for but I was satisfied to be here again. The name of that viewpoint is Khadim View Point and Resort, like two brothers run together, one is Pervez Bhai and the other is Shafqat Bhai, and the one who cooks delicious food here is beautiful and takes a great dive. Last year the Promised Lake Pervez Bhai was contacted to complete the task. The car was stopped in the parking area, where a pink shop was seen. From there I remembered the route, when I reached the stairs I saw a purple board with the name of the hotel and an arrow pointing in its direction. But one side of the board is completely empty, I suggested writing any words related to it neatly.
  I arrived at Khadim Resort and View Point in the evening. There were some people around the lake, some were boating and some were bathing in the lake, some tourists would come and go around and come back. There was a tent set up somewhere in the hotel, some chairs were placed in the shade of a tree, I sat there and stared at the view in front of me, cherries were placed in front of me for some time. The cherry season was almost over, but still, the people here had arranged cherries for me from somewhere. 
 I first took pictures because it is necessary to capture something good, then I ate cherries and ate a lot of cherries. For a while, Pervez Bhai came and asked what was the plan? Somewhere to go or boating, I told them not to disturb me for now, just leave me alone for a while, they left me alone, I know this is not a good thing, here The way people talk with love and respect, and I get so lost in the scenery that at some point I get bitter with the locals. After a while, he came again and said I will come back after cleaning the lake. I asked how to clean the lake ?? He said, “I have paddle and chauffeur boats here, and every evening I sit in one of the boats and slowly walk around the lake, and everyone who throws garbage in the lake collects the garbage and puts it in his boat.” I found it very interesting and I said I will come with you too, by the way, I don’t know how to paddle a boat, but I thought why not try something new … me and Pervez Bhai He had gone out to clean the lake in a paddleboat.
 We used to wrap the juice cans, wrappers of chips, and bottles of cold drinks we found around and put them in our boat. I was so happy that I am also doing my part in this good work. A speedboat passed by us and its speed caused innumerable waves to form in the lake, and our paddleboat began to wobble, but this moment was short-lived. I thought that in this motorboat these tourists would not be able to see anything, and while you are chucking, you also get exercise and you get a lot of views. There should be a complete ban on motorboats because it is polluting and polluting the lake water. These motorboats are not good for the trout living in the lake either. If I had a bus, it would be banned. I can only make one request. Believe me, in a paddle or chauffeur boat, you can feel a lot by walking around the lake in 25 minutes, while in a motorboat, you can see or feel nothing in five minutes.
  I like everything about Khadim Rezaat. Yes, the food here, the scenery here, but I object to the motorboat they have … not only in this hotel but every hotel in the vicinity has motorboats. Things are ruining the lake on which immediate action must be taken otherwise it will be too late. Number one: a complete ban on motorboats in the lake. Number two: here some locals are singing on the speaker in full volume, Which is a big disturbance to the taste buds traveler and it comes in environmental pollution, they should also be banned. Number three: School children and locals come to this lake to have a picnic and throw a lot of garbage, their After you leave, when you look around, you can see chips and cans of juice everywhere in the lake … It is important to work on these things and the locals here, who belong to the hotel industry, are doing the same thing. 
 The views of this lake are becoming more and more different and amazing. To illustrate the point, we start with a scene from an evening before the lake. Shortly before evening, the lake is crowded, some are boating, some are swimming, some are listening to songs and some are catching fish. Lake Kachora is under a lot of pressure at the moment, but it’s only for a while. As soon as evening falls, people return to their homes. People who were fishing go back to catch fish. Good fishing is licensed here, which is in the possession of a few hoteliers. Boaters also go back to their homes. Locals also close their hotel rooms and go home. The waters of Lake Kachora calm down. Now only taste travelers are here. The scene of the evening When the cold wind suddenly starts blowing, the waves of this lake started pounding as soon as it is evening as if to welcome one of the tasty travelers who have come here. The water of Kachori was welcoming me today, today’s scene was just for me because everyone here was local except me. The setting of the sun today was something you want to see again and again. I sat on the white chair and set myself at the angle that I leaned on the chair and lay down a little, my eyes were on this beautiful scene. The reddening clouds and the red light on the lake added to the atmosphere. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I have fallen in love with this most beautiful lake in Baltistan. I shed a few tears after watching this scene. 
 Sometime later, when Muhammad Kazim came to see me, he asked me the reason for my sadness, and I had nothing to say. It is difficult for me to explain to people that I get vibes from scenes. Some messages are hidden in these scenes, then I wonder what I am ???? Why is this race going on? After all, why did you choose this gypsy, then the answer is you will be dust and will be dust. Before being dust, I want to bring my dervish soul to some upgraded version. You all know Muhammad Kazim. ۔ dont know ? Let me tell you for a while … When I came to Kachora, I met some people who said that they would write something good. I replied that I am sorry, this is not my business. Kachora village, Kachora lake and the environment here will become the same word that will give me, but now I say that my pen may not be able to do justice to Kachora, if the word can not describe the beauty, the pictures will fill it People come and go here, very few people stay here. Few people or it would be correct to say that one or two people. It was also here tonight, at night the water of the lake began to shine like stars descending from the sky. Decorated on the waters of Lake Kachora. The surrounding trees make the atmosphere more mysterious. The lighting that was lit at the view point, I requested Pervez Bhai to turn off the lights so that I could see the sky and the stars in a better way.
  After spending the night, the view of the lake was awaited yesterday morning. As soon as the first rays of the sun fell on the distant snow-capped mountains, birds and birds started humming around. The water of the lake was so clear that even the plants and rocks inside the lake could be seen. The color of the sky and the trees combined to make the lake look turquoise from somewhere and emerald-like from somewhere. I was in the turquoise and emerald waters of Kachura. I was drunk. Golden trout also seemed to be floating in the water. Extreme kind of silence but even in this silence everything was talking. If I turned my attention to Lake Kachora, she would talk. If I pay more attention, the plants and rocks inside the lake would also talk. The fish swimming in the lake would also talk. Showing color, someone would teach me a different lesson, even every mountain, every tree, every flower and every address here would say something and praise and glorify its creator … It would be nice if there was a road to Lake Kachora, but I’m not in awe of it, I always want to see the beauty of this lake, it’s like this, in Kachora village, 4G internet goes on the Scom network when you Forget the internet when you get to the lake, I’m glad there is no internet here, me and a few people like me come here to feel the atmosphere, if there is internet we won’t be able to find all that we have here from cities to mountains here How can I describe my four-day stay at Khadim Resort that it is not possible for me, I am just writing a few sentences to my beautiful flesh that after reading it, they are like me. 
 San will definitely come here once and spend the night … These few days were like for me as if I was among my relatives in Baltistan, Nadeem and his friend on Kachora Lake, who used to fish by putting ropes in the night and I used to watch them. Then, when they caught a big fish, they would say happily, “Masa baji, we have caught a fish.” And I would encourage them by saying goodbye. Now what do these kids have to do with me that they are sharing their happiness with me, and what do I have to do with them that as soon as they catch fish I feel like my little brothers have caught fish, what is the end of life? Just a few precious moments, which makes you happy and satisfied inside. Let’s talk about Nadeem. He is a smiling but extremely shy child. Last year when I reached Lake Kachora, I met him. I had made a short video clip of him holding it, and this time when I met Nadeem, I kept thinking that I have seen this smile before, but where ?? I didn’t remember anything, but after 24 hours of brainstorming, I remembered that I had met Nadeem at Last Air Lake. What happened next? Nadeem was called and asked if he had seen me before. He laughed and said, “Yes, I met you last year.” I said wow mashallah your memory is very fast. I told him that I have your video clip, if you like to give me a short interview this time too, he ran away laughing … and kept celebrating for three days but there is a chance that he will return to me. Well, but I made a couple of pictures of him that you can check in the album … •••• Let’s talk about some information now, I know my readers There is knowledge, but even if the lakes are mentioned in the text and their information is not given, it is excessive. By the way, you will also get all this information from Google. I try not to bore you. Kachora is not just a lake but there are many villages here, where the people are hospitable and truthful. Whenever the name of Kachora comes up, two more words are found, Upper Kachora is Lower Kachora. Lower Kachora: Lower Kachora is actually a lake visible inside the famous Hotel Shangri-La, this hotel is very beautiful especially at night, the lake here is man-made. What you will read further. Upper Kachora: This is the same lake for which I ask you to spend the night here. This lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes of crystal clear waters, every scene here is different. It is said about this lake that at first this lake did not exist in this place but another village of Kachora Ghaziabad was there, then there was a landslide, flood came and the water of the lake came here from there, I also want to see that place. Yes, the place is on the same landscape as this lake, but there are trees and gardens.
  I also met two locals there, named Ali Khan and Haji Ghulam Jin, aged 72 and 92. This is the year, according to him, these are all fabricated stories that have no truth. He also said that we too have grown up hearing these stories. We do not know what the truth is. And also said that there is a stone somewhere far away which is from the time of Jesus, there is something written on it but none of us can read There must be some fear in our lives It happens no matter how brave we become. I’m afraid of water so this time I’m trying to get rid of it, I got into a hand-operated boat and reached the beach and went alone to be close to the water, I had a good experience, in the videos You will be able to see, God willing.

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