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Puzol ‘Pahar Ka Zehar Mehra’: A rare green stone of Gilgit-Baltistan


This green colored stone is softer than normal stones from which Shakoor Ali and his artisans make various types of products. Shakoor Ali, owner of a shop called ‘Zahar Mehra Works’ in Shigar district of Gilgit-Baltistan, has been promoting this particular stone industry for 10 to 15 year____

Azadi Timez: About 30 miles east of Shugar village, after crossing the mountain streams, there is a green mountain, locally called ‘Pizol’.  

This green colored stone is softer than normal stones from which Shakur Ali and his artisans make various types of tea sets, water sets, vases, ashtrays and pendants.  Apart from this, various animals including Markhor, Shaheen and Yak are produced as well as Pakistani flags and other items.  

For the cutting and polishing of this stone based on its physical and chemical properties, Shakur Ali has also set up a small factory in Shugar, where Zehar Mehra stones are brought and made into various designs for display.  In the beginning, his work was very few and insignificant, but since he started exhibiting Zehar Mehra in different cities of Pakistan, the demand for it started increasing.  

The various decoration items made from this fatar are loved not only by domestic tourists but also by tourists from other countries.  

Foreign tourists attach great importance to animal decoration pieces of Baltistan and these mostly include Markhor, Yak and Shaheen etc.  

Shakur Ali told Azadi Times that in the beginning, I used to make small decoration items at my home. Then gradually they were exhibited in different cities and there was a lot of demand. 

‘Then I set up a small factory with the support of various departments, where today about five to six people are working. My aim is to provide employment to many people. It was my own hobby. 

If someone supports me at the government level for this work, I can provide employment to more people.  

He said that no one knew about this stone before. ‘There was a little bit of recognition in Sugar. I also used it as a medicine after getting it checked by a regular laboratory.

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